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Motorola Defy Refuses to Die, Receives Initial Lollipop Port


For the great majority of devices, manufacturer-provided OS update support is rather short. Some of this is due to technical difficulties and a lack of consumer interest, but really it just comes down to profitability for the OEMs in question. Luckily, there are devices that have received extensive aftermarket development such as the HTC HD2, Samsung Galaxy S, and Motorola Defy, which have enjoyed unofficial Android updates far after they were EOLed by their respective manufacturers.

At least one of these devices, the Motorola Defy, has quite a bright future ahead. Plenty of good development takes place for this device, and users will soon have a chance to test the recently released Android 5.0 Lollip. . . READ ON »

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Motorola Defy Gains New Life with Repartition

motorola defy

The Motorola Defy was released approximately four years ago back in the early Fall of 2010. While the device was never quite intended to be a flagship-level device, it certainly gained quite a loyal following of fans who have stuck by this diminutive device through the years.

Despite the community support and love, the Motorola Defy has run into serious limitations when trying to load new versions of Android due to its small storage size. Luckily, this is again where the community shines. XDA Recognized Developer Quarx created a repartition script that is able to reallocate storage space allotted to the /system partition in order to provide more space for newer Android versions such as KitK. . . READ ON »

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Android 4.4 KitKat Available for the Motorola Defy


Do you remember all the way back to Android 2.1 Eclair? Yes? Maybe? It was released back in January 2010—almost 4 years ago. The  shipped with that OS. And now, years later, the Defy received a fresh build of KitKat, making it one of the first devices with just 512 megabytes of RAM to get the OS up and running.

XDA Recognized Developer Quarx did it again. He is the main developer for almost all new version of Android since Gingerbread on that device. The available build is CyanogenMod 11, but a more pure AOSP version will be released soon as well. The current build is described as alpha, and is not intended for daily usage. However, Quarx is working hard to fix things. And according to his change. . . READ ON »

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Unofficial CM10.1 Lands on the Defy & Defy+


The Motorola Defy is not only impervious to water, sand, and good old fashioned brute force (within reason obviously), but it is also apparently not the slightest bit phased by Motorola’s own unwillingness to keep the updates coming. When the device isn’t scuba diving or spelunking, chances are that it’s kicking back and enjoying one of the latest versions of Android, all the way up to 4.2 in the form of an unofficial version of CM10.1 thanks to XDA Recognised Developer Quarx.

Now this is very much an alpha version and really not suitable for daily use. However, it certainly proves that 4.2 isn’t out for the question for this plucky little device. You’ll be able to boot up and sw. . . READ ON »

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Android 4.1.2 Build Now Available for Motorola Defy & Defy+


Despite being somewhat abandoned by Motorola as far as official updates are concerned, the Motorola Defy & Defy+ are refusing to accept that the latest versions of Android are out of the question. Having recently received an unofficial version of CM10 based on Android 4.1.2 thanks to XDA Recognized Developer Quarx, these devices continue to defiantly (see what I did there?) push the limits of what they are capable of.

As you might expect, this build is still in quite an early stage. There might be bugs, and it may not be suitable for use as a daily driver quite yet. That said, the general feedback within the development thread seems to be very good, without any deal breaking issues being reported so far. The bui. . . READ ON »

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Lock Apps in Memory on the Motorola Defy


Keeping applications in memory can serve various potential uses. While aggressive RAM conservation may benefit the user experience when opening very large apps, users typically see the best performance and battery life by having frequently used apps in RAM. While it’s not possible to put all of your applications in memory, keeping the go-to applications like the dialer, contacts, SMS app, etc can make the menial tasks of the day much faster. For Motorola Defy users, there is now both an easy way and a hard way to get this accomplished.

The easy method was posted by XDA Senior Member kanpurite, and the hard way was posted by Senior Member espaciosalter20. Both methods work equally well, and users can ch. . . READ ON »

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Defy Flashing Gone Wrong? Solve it with Ease


The Motorola Defy: a phone that, much as its name suggests, should be able to withstand elemental rage. When it came out last year, lots of blogs and websites showed how the Defy was impervious to submersion by dumping it in a cup of water. This resulted in the feeling of complete and absolute immunity, with many touting the device as “immortal.” However, as with most “immortal” characters of virtually every story, there is always something to which they are vulnerable.

In the case of mobile devices. and in particular that of the Defy, the Achilles’ Heel is the flashing custom ROMs. It is really no surprise that this is the case, as many Motorola devices have had a set of complica. . . READ ON »

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Easy Fix for Logcat Blues on Jelly Bean Ports


Jelly Bean seems to be on everyone’s mind, as of late. The latest and greatest to come out of Google’s sweet treat factory is ravaging the site with its popularity and feature-packed nature. As such, ports are flying left, right, and center onto most devices (old and new) on the site. However, as is the case with most new OS versions, there are also complications and issues that need to be overcome in order to make the best out of the new release.

One of the bugs (not really a bug per se) that has plagued a few devices, including the Motorola Defy, is the fact that logcat apps are blocked by the OS itself, as Google seems to have added an extra set of permissions that these apps do not normally need in order to fun. . . READ ON »

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Boot to Gecko Now Booting on the Motorola Defy


For those unfamiliar, Boot to Gecko (B2G for short) is a mobile operating system currently being developed by Mozilla. According to Mozilla, the purpose of the OS is as follows:

We believe that the next frontier for Web applications is full device integration, so that Web developers have the same capabilities as those building for OS-specific stacks. Boot To Gecko is intended to identify those missing device capabilities and other application needs, and design standardized solutions for app developers to use.

What that translates to is more options for mobile users in terms of what kind of operating system they choose to run. There may come a time when there are devices capable of running Boot 2 Gecko, Androi. . . READ ON »

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