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GermainZ · Feb 2, 2015

MultiROM Ported to the Z2 and Z3!

Switching between ROMs is very useful to test the newest one out, or to keep a "stable" system for emergencies while you use your favorite ROM at other times. MultiROM has offered to do just that for some time now, on supported devices: it acts as a second recovery of sorts, allowing you to choose which ROM and kernel to boot. Users of the Sony Xperia Z2 and Sony Xperia Z3 will be pleased to know that their devices now...

Tomek Kondrat · Oct 12, 2014

MultiROM Available for the Samsung Galaxy Note II

With so many ROMs available on XDA, it's incredibly difficult to find the one that suits us most. We must choose between modified stock firmwares, AOSP-derived ROMs, or alternate OSes like Ubuntu Touch and Firefox OS. There are solutions to make the choice a bit easier, and one of them is multiboot. XDA Recognized Developer Tassadar's MultiROM is the ideal perfect solution for all you folks that can't decide which ROM should be used as a daily driver. In the last...

Will Verduzco · Oct 2, 2014

MultiROM Once Again Available for the Galaxy S4

Multiboot, or the ability to select between multiple operating systems on a single device at boot, is an inherently interesting concept. Not only does this allow users to try out new ROMs without losing their data, but it also allows users to keep a particular ROM for one purpose while using other ROMs or even operating systems for something entirely different. We've recently covered quite a few multiboot solutions for various devices in the past few weeks, and now we have one...

Will Verduzco · Sep 19, 2014

MultiROM Makes Its Way to the LG G2

Over the last few weeks, we've seen quite a few flagship (and former flagship) devices get to enjoy multiboot goodness. And as can be expected, the vast majority of these come in the form of unofficial ports of XDA Recognized Developer Tasssadar's popular MultiROM multiboot solution. Now, we can add one more notch to MultiROM's metaphorical belt, as the LG G2 has just been added to the list of (unofficially) compatible devices. This unofficial MultiROM port comes courtesy of XDA Senior Member patrik.KT, who brought Tasssadar's multiboot solution to...

Tomek Kondrat · Sep 11, 2014

MultiROM Available for the Sony Xperia Z and OnePlus One

Android is a beautiful platform, full of surprising and interesting ideas. Without a doubt, one of the coolest projects that has been introduced to the community in recent memory is MultiROM by XDA Recognized Developer Tassadar. This project allows you to boot many various ROMs and even operating systems from the SD Card of your device. Not so long ago, MultiROM was ported over to the Moto G and its wallet-friendly brother, the Moto E. Those two devices aren't the only non-Nexus...

Will Verduzco · Sep 3, 2014

MultiROM Also Makes its Way to the Moto G

Just yesterday, we wrote about how XDA Recognized Developer Tasssadar's MultiROM technology had been ported to the Moto E. As it turns out, the Moto E isn't the only budget-friendly and critically acclaimed Motorola device to receive a port. The popular Moto G has also received a port, and now it too can enjoy all of the multiboot fun. This unofficial MultiROM port for the Moto G comes courtesy of XDA Forum Member montamer. And in the roughly half month since its official release, the port...

Will Verduzco · Sep 2, 2014

MultiROM Ported to the Moto E

Few categories of Android development are as intrinsically interesting as the ability to boot into multiple operating systems. Multiboot, as it's most commonly known, allows one to do exactly this. The most popular implementation of multiboot that we've seen on the Android platform comes in the form of XDA Recognized Developer Tasssadar's MultiROM. MultiROM has been officially and unofficially ported to a wide variety of devices. Today, one more device has been added to the list, the popular and wallet-friendly Motorola Moto E. The unofficial MultiROM...

Samantha · May 28, 2014

MultiROM Port Brings Multiboot Functionality to the HTC One X

One of the most popular methods of booting multiple ROMs on an Android device we've seen in the past few years is through MultiROM, a program originally developed by XDA Recognized Developer Tasssadar for the Nexus 7. With a number of unofficial ports to multiple other devices such as the Sony Xperia M and the HTC Droid DNA, it's with no surprise that we see another device has followed suit. This time, an unofficial port arrives to to the HTC...