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Jimmy McGee · Dec 31, 2014

Nvidia SHIELD Tablet vs the Google Nexus 9 – XDA TV

Almost one year ago, Nvidia announced their latest Tegra system on a chip. The Tegra K1 was a desktop-based fab brought to the mobile arena. While this advancement is great and brings a lot of power to robotics and the like, device adoption has been lackluster. The main recipients of this new chipset are the Nvidia SHIELD Tablet and the Google Nexus 9. In this episode, XDA TV Producer Jordan compares the Nvidia SHIELD Tablet and the Nexus 9. Jordan has...

Jimmy McGee · Dec 25, 2014

Nvidia and Robotics w/ Barrett Williams – XDA:DevCon 2014

Robotics continues to dominate our videos from this year’s XDA:DevCon 2014 in Manchester, UK. For those of you who were not able to make it, we are excited to release another session for you to enjoy. Today, we offer up a follow up video of Shane Francis’s session Android, Robotics and Vision Oh My! This video features Nvidia Team Member Barrett Williams talking about Nvidia and Robotics. Williams is a member of the Tegra Tech Marketing Team at Nvidia. He began...

jordankeyes · Aug 16, 2014

Device Review: Nvidia SHIELD Tablet

A little over a year ago, Nvidia decided to change the game--literally. The Nvidia SHIELD Portable was announced, released, and was very well received. Here we are, shortly following the announcement of a new, and epic, generation of mobile device processors, and Nvidia has officially released their next SHIELD installment, the Nvidia SHIELD Tablet. Hardware One of the chief complaints we saw with the original SHIELD Portable was the screen size and resolution. A 5” screen with 720p resolution was usable for...

Jimmy McGee · Jun 6, 2014

Android 4.4.3 Released, Google Unveils Project Tango Tablet Dev Kit, Galaxy Gear Tizen Rooted! – XDA Developer TV

Android KitKat 4.4.3 has been released for the Nexus 5 and many more Nexus devices! That and much more news is covered by Jordan, as he reviews all the important stories from this week. Included in this week's news is the announcement that OmniROM nightlies are now based on Android 4.4.3 and Google announced a new Project Tango tablet! That's not all that's covered in today's video! Jordan talks about the other videos released this week on XDA Developer TV. XDA...

egzthunder1 · Feb 4, 2014

NVIDIA Receives a Positive One Finger Salute from Linus for Doing Things Right

Many of you may recall that back in June of 2012, we talked about how NVIDIA was given a rather direct message courtesy of none other than Dr. Linus Torvalds himself. Basically, the article written by XDA Recognized Developer AdamOutler went on about the closed nature of both NVIDIA and Qualcomm as chipset manufacturers, and how it was shameful and really inexplicable how two companies with such closed minded ideals could possibly be the paramount chipset providers for a large number of...

Will Verduzco · Jan 13, 2014

Preliminary Tegra K1 Benchmarks Emerge, K1 Packing a KO Punch!

About a week ago, we talked about Nvidia's Tegra K1 announcement and what it could mean for the future of mobile gaming. Then, our own XDA Developer TV Producer Jordan got a hands-on look at the chipset and its reference platform, and he took a look at some of what it can do. The chip, which merges Nvidia's GeForce architecture with their mobile line, is based on the same Kepler architecture that powers their desktop GPUs. Despite of all of this, one question still...

Jimmy McGee · Jan 9, 2014

Nvidia Tegra K1 Hands On at CES 2014 – XDA Developer TV

Nvidia has officially brought an end to the "cores race" in two ways with the release of the Tegra K1. By releasing a device with "192 cores," Nvidia not only wins in the marketing game, but they also make the numbers game a joke. Ultimately, it's not about the number of cores. Rather, it's about the power of the processor. But marketing numbers aside, the Tegra K1 is very powerful. XDA Developer TV Producer Jordan was on site at International...

Will Verduzco · Jan 6, 2014

Nvidia Unveils Kepler-Based Tegra K1 with 192 CUDA Cores and Optional 64-Bit Denver Processor!

We've been talking a lot about Android-powered gaming devices recently. Heck, we even gave them a place here on the XDA forums not too long ago. All of this is possible thanks to the increasingly powerful Systems-on-a-Chip in modern Android-powered devices. Now, Nvidia wishes to up the ante in the low-power SoC world with its Kepler-based Tegra K1 SoC. New Lineage The K1 breaks away from previous Tegra devices by merging Nvidia's GeForce architecture with its mobile architecture. The company...