Cyngn, OnePlus, Micromax – The Legal Battle

micromax oneplus cyanogen

Recently, a battle has been waging in India over the rights to distribute the commercial version of the CyanogenMod operating system. The court order from the recent case (where Micromax wanted to enforce their exclusivity agreement against OnePlus) has been released. The order, written by Justice Manmohan Singh, weighs in at 29 pages, and the contents prove rather interesting. Let’s take a look through it. The documents are available for reference from this link. In a break with convention, I will give the summary first, then go through the judgement.

Summary (aka tl;dr)

OnePlus had a worldwide (excluding mainland China) non-exclusive right to use the Cyanogen trademarks and ship the software on . . . READ ON »

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Use the OnePlus One Front Earpiece for Media Playback

OPO speakers

Opting for dual speakers positioned on the bottom of the OnePlus One, many would say that this device’s speakers look awfully similar to the ones on the Nexus 5. Despite the aesthetic similarity, the One employs two separate sound drivers, each with its own speaker grille. So although they may not be stereo, they at least produce strong sounds at top volume. However, if this doesn’t seem to just quite cut it for some One owners out there, the OnePlus One Stereo Mod may remedy this issue.

Developed by XDA Senior Member abhi08638, the stereo mod activates the One’s front earpiece as another speaker for media playback, such as playing music, videos and games. Despite its name, the mod does not actually c. . . READ ON »

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Indian OnePlus One to Ship Without Cyanogen OS After All

OnePlus One Never Settle

A little under two weeks ago, we first talked about an unfortunate situation whereby upcoming OnePlus One devices sold in India were rumored to ship without “Cyanogen OS” due to Cyanogen Inc. granting exclusive rights to their proprietary firmware in India to Micromax. Needless to say, this situation is less than ideal both for the Oppo offshoot as well as potential Indian buyers, as one of the main appeals of the OPO is undoubtedly its bloat-free CM11s install.

After the inevitable bad publicity, the Cyanogen Blog posted an official statement with the somewhat facetious title Cyanogen’s Commitment to our Users a little under a week ago stating, “OnePlus One will get OTA fi. . . READ ON »

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Cyanogen to Update OnePlus One Globally, Even in India


Just a few days ago, we talked about how Cyanogen Inc. was set to drop support for the OnePlus One in India due to a conflicting contract. According to many articles on the Web, including those from the OnePlus team, exclusive rights to use Cyanogen OS in India were transferred over to Micromax. The One’s makers then announced that they were working hard to create their own operating system that would eventually replace Cyanogen OS as a main operating system on devices produced by OnePlus. It appears that some sort of miscommunication took place between Cyanogen and OnePlus, which lead us and users around the world to confusion.

Needless to say, Cyanogen Inc. found the inaccurate uproar disturbin. . . READ ON »

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OnePlus One to Forgo CyanogenMod in India


It appears that the deal between Oppo offshoot OnePlus and Cyanogen Inc. dangles merely by a thread. Last week, OnePlus announced that its One model would launch in India on December 2. Unlucky for all “Flagship Killer’s” fans, Cyanogen decided to granted exclusive rights to “Cyanogen OS” over to Micromax, one of the main rivals to OnePlus in Asia.

Cyanogen’s decision came as a surprise both to OnePlus and Indian users. One of the latest OTAs (38R) included the SAR regulations required to enter the Indian market. According to One’s makers, the Indian market launch has been in preparation for a very long time. The decision made by Cyanogen doesn’t mean that t. . . READ ON »

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Early Lollipop Builds for the OnePlus One and HTC Desire 816


Just yesterday, after quite a long wait, we finally had the pleasure of seeing the Lollipop factory images appear for some Nexus devices. These devices are popular with Android enthusiasts, but make up only a small percentage of phones and tablets released by the various OEMs. While some phones will get official ports of Android 5.0, others will have to rely on custom ROM development.

The Google Nexus 6 is rather expensive piece of hardware, so many of you set your eyes on alternatives like the OnePlus One or HTC Desire 816. If you own one of these, we have some great news for you.

Thanks to XDA Senior Member Nburnes and the CyanogenMod team, OnePlus One users have a chance to test a fairly functional build of Cyanog. . . READ ON »

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OnePlus One Receives 44S OTA Update


The OnePlus One is a great choice for all you who don’t want to spend the big bucks on the Google Nexus 6. The “Flagship Killer” received an OTA from the CyanogenMod team fixing some annoyances spotted since the last update. The CM team focused mostly on stability with this update, so you shouldn’t be expecting some new functions etc.

This small update fixes the following things:

  • Memory causing screen artifacts will not anymore
  • Random reboots and instability are now gone
  • Solved problems with WiFi and modem crashes
  • Fixed Filesystem
  • Fixed issues with “black bar”
  • Fixed issues with persist partition corruption
  • AT&T VoLTE fixes

Thanks to XDA Senior Member dmarden, you can grab the O. . . READ ON »

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Dynamically Change Your OnePlus One’s Lock Screen Theme

OPO Dynamic Lock Screen

Although they were originally designed to secure our mobile devices and prevent inadvertent and accidental device usage, lock screens have evolved into so much more. They not only serve a functional purpose in protecting our devices, but they also show us information with lock screen widgets and even serve as a bit of eye candy. However, that last bit is hampered a little by having one static lock screen theme.

Luckily for OnePlus One users, there’s now an incredibly easy way to get just a little bit more out of your lock screen’s aesthetics. This comes courtesy of a modification by XDA Recognized Themer rush25 that dynamically changes your lock screen to match the selected theme. There are ve. . . READ ON »


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Customizing the OnePlus One, XDA 2015 Forum Redesign Live! – XDA TV


You can now customize your OnePlus One’s boot logo! That and much more news is covered by Jordan when he reviews all the important stories from this weekend. Included in this weekend’s news is the announcement of XDA 2015 forum redesign going live and be sure the check out the article showing you how to compile your own Ubuntu kernel! That’s not all that’s covered in today’s video!

Jordan talks about the other videos released this weekend on XDA TV. XDA TV Producer droidmodd3rx released a video reviewing Paranoid Android. Then rirozizo showed you how to be a good user. And if you missed it be sure to check out Jordan’s Review of the Nvidia SHIELD Tablet. Pull up a chair and che. . . READ ON »

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