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orb3000 · Aug 16, 2010

Credit Vodafone and TIM App for Italian Members

Are you an Italian Vodafone/TIM member? If so, probably this application will be of your liking. XDA member savrix85 created this app, so you can receive info about your credit on your Vodafone/TIM SIM (Italy only). With Credito Vodafone/Credito TIM you can directly apply for credit and view your status at the touch of a button, all for free because all the application does is call 404 for you and read the reply message. The developer made this application for...

orb3000 · Aug 14, 2010

WP7 UI for WM6.5 Updated

XDA member ashiqiqbal present this stand alone application cab for Windows Mobile devices with the upcoming theme of Windows Phone 7. The developer has tested this on QVGA resolutions, but should work on other resolutions as well. New version V2.0 fixes some issues such as non-English rom issue and faster animations for WVGA/VGA. Application will utilize 1 MB when in use. If you use it, please leave some feedback for the developer so he can improve future versions. Originally posted...

mic_888 · Aug 13, 2010

Follow Your Team with Premier League Pocket 2010

With the new season of the Premier League almost upon us, there's bound to be football fans out there who'd like to have up to date information on their favourite team at the drop of a hat. Well, XDA developer zorro1981 who has developed apps to follow the F1 and the World Cup, has now, along with Chinubrio, Ivan Musa and Ricardo Fraile, developed Premier League Pocket 2010 for Windows Mobile devices. The app has the following features: Multilanguage VGA, QVGA,...

Ben Elliott · Aug 12, 2010

Anuvadak Updated to Version 1.1.1

Some time ago we drew your attention to the initial release of Anuvadak, a very handy Google-based translation app for Windows Mobile. Since then, the application has matured to version 1.1.1; having been given new features and tweaks along the way. In the newest version of Anuvadak, you'll find support for QVGA, WQVGA and HVGA resolution devices, along with support for Japanese and Korean translation, and the ability to choose a different icon for the application. One of the most...

orb3000 · Aug 10, 2010

Fingerprint Lock-Screen Updated

A few months ago XDA News Writer mic_888 wrote an article about this application on it´s first releases. Now, XDA member Cyclonezephyrxz7 is releasing updated version 1.6, previous versions of this application are no longer working as they have expired. This lock screen will look as if you are passing your finger to unlock your Windows Mobile device, but the truth is that this technology is not available yet. So, in order to simulate your finger being scanned, you will...

orb3000 · Aug 2, 2010

Persian & Arabic Language Pack for WM

Finally, an application that adds support of reading and writing for Persian and Arabic without lagging is presented by XDA member Mersad 7. Fast and compatible with most ROMs, this app will let you use the language pack in a smooth way. The developer also included a fix for Resco Keyboard for the Persian style. Originally posted by Mersad 7 [APP] Mersad Persian & Arabic Language Pack {lite & Fast & most compatible} There are many application that add support...

orb3000 · Jul 30, 2010

SPB MS Light3D Theme for WM

A very fresh looking theme for SPB Mobile is presented by XDA member ludo925. Great new icons and nice graphicsk are now another option to personalize your Windows Mobile device. This new theme is multi resolution and will work with SPB MS3.5.3; MS3.5.4 & MS3.5.5 only. The developer recommends to uninstall any previous version of SPB and install Mortscript 4.2 before proceeding with this theme's installation. Originally posted by ludo925 This is ma last theme made in only 5 days...

mic_888 · Jul 28, 2010

mySquare – A Foursquare Client for WM

Windows Mobile device owners who are fans of Foursquare will soon have an alternative to the current WinMoSquare app available, as XDA forum member junalmeida is at the final stages of releasing a beta of mySquare. Features of mySquare include: Using your location to find out nearby places See your friends latest check-ins View tips of places Share you experience with others Explore Foursquare and earn points and badges Use GPS or network fix Integrated with Google Maps mySquare is...

orb3000 · Jul 28, 2010

Sense Hero Theme for Smartphones

For those members using QVGA devices with non touch screen, this great theme presented by XDA member gtg465x will be of your liking. Based on the Hero Sense, this new UI will completely change your WM home screen and will make your WM look like Android. Everything is working on it, including weather panel as the developer wrote it from scratch. Working for Windows Mobile Standard 6.1 or 6.5. Please leave feedback so developer can fix any bugs found. Originally...

orb3000 · Jul 27, 2010

HTC Sense Weather Color Clouds

Are you in a groovy mood? Imagine if you could change the color of the clouds on Sense/Manila 2.1/2.5. Now, thanks to XDA member hubie, you can do it. Choose between blue, red, orange, yellow and a "special" one to get your weather clouds colored. Easy install/uninstall process for Windows Mobile devices with VGA/WVGA/QVGA resolutions running WM6.5 and up. Originally posted by hubie HTC Sense Wheater Color Clouds [VGA/WVGA/QVGA] HTC Sense Wheater Color Clouds [VGA/WVGA/QVGA] This simply changes the color...

orb3000 · Jul 25, 2010

JSPA Program Manager for WM

Another great option to manage your programs (shortcut links) is presented by XDA member Nullstring. The updated version now supports VGA and QVGA resolutions for Windows Mobile devices equipped with screen orientation awareness. Navigate, move, copy, rename, delete, and create new folders are some of the options you have available in this application. Originally posted by Nullstring [APP]JSPA Program Manager 3.1 for Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.5 JSPA Program Manager allows you to manage your programs(shortcut links) in start menu...

egzthunder1 · Jul 20, 2010

Sync Pocket Outlook and Facebook with SocialSync

We all know how wonderful it is to have all of our information sync with Outlook from our PC. Also, we know that there are some Facebook apps for WM that will sync some of the contact information and link profiles of our friends. XDA member binary64 has taken the syncing of the information a step further and created this little app, which will allow you to sync more than just e-mail and some contact information. The app is not...

orb3000 · Jul 16, 2010

Smartphone Revitalize Sliding Panel Theme

Do you have a non touch screen Windows Mobile device?, You must agree not too much development is happening with those smarphones. However, XDA member gtg465x got tired of that and created a new theme for QVGA Landscape devices running WM6.1 and 6.5. The theme has great graphics and fonts and it will give your device a breath of fresh air. Originally posted by gtg465x [Theme] [QVGA Landscape] [Standard 6.1|6.5] Smartphone Revitalize Sliding Panel Theme Hi guys, So I'm one...

orb3000 · Jul 12, 2010

ROM Customization Wizard

I´m sure that many of you already uses/have pre installed UAC when you upgrade ROMs (we have many ORD syndrome members). For those of you who want to make things easier when reflashing, XDA member moonscapex presents this tool. This application has just been released to Developers and Chefs, so that they can include it on their future upgrades. The app has some pre loaded software such as Opera Mobile, Mini, and GrooveMobile among others. Moreover, it can run in...

orb3000 · Jul 12, 2010

KD-Font, Change Fonts in WM/Sense

For those of us always looking for ways to personalize our phones, this application is very handy. XDA member kliptik presents this interesting tool to completely change the fonts on your device. Suitable for WM 6 and up and for devices running Sense(TF3D) Build 2.1 and higher. The application can be installed on SD cards and it´s fully uninstallable, just be sure to back up your original fonts. Originally posted by kliptik [APP] [RELEASE] KD-Font [v1.0] [07/07/10] KD-Font KD-Font will...

orb3000 · Jul 7, 2010

Animated Boot Screens WP7 Style

More boot screens with the Windows Phone 7 style are presented by XDA member emse_186, now updated to cover all resolutions. Blue, orange, black and green can be found in different combinations like the black version original logo without sound, green version with sound, and orange without sound just to mention some. Step in and choose one of this great boot screens for your Windows Mobile device. Unfortunately, the developer decided to stop working on this project. Originally posted by emse_186...

Ben Elliott · Jul 7, 2010

WaPaC 1.4 Released

Everyone likes to change their wallpapers as it's an easy way to overhaul the look of your device, but it's never long before your newest choice starts to look dull and overly familiar. Luckily, Rapid81's Wallpaper Changer ('WaPaC') application prevents you from ever getting bored of your home screen's background. WaPac can be programmed to change your Windows or Manila wallpaper after a given time interval. You can select any number of files on your phone or its SD card through...

Ben Elliott · Jul 7, 2010

Facebook Chat for Windows Mobile Updated to v2.3.6

The ever-growing, ever-changing nature of Facebook, the world's most popular social networking site, means that developers of associated applications have to release updates very often. One such app, Facebook Instant Messenger for Windows Mobile, has recently been refined to encompass the most recent additions to the website. Although the changes are fairly minor, the constant developing attention focussed by XDA member blutz upon the application and the usefulness of the program itself make it worth taking a look at. Originally designed...

orb3000 · Jul 5, 2010

TouchPal Keyboard Skins

For those members who already use the paid application TouchPal, this piece of news will be of your linking. XDA member drew2000 just updated this enormous skin/theme keyboard collection. Windows Mobile users will find more than 7 different styles to choose from. All resolutions are supported on the developer's work. Originally posted by drew2000 TouchPal Keyboard Skins WVGA, VGA Here is the link for TouchPal 4.0 it isn't free but it is a fantastic keyboard, you can try for free...

orb3000 · Jul 4, 2010


Tired of the same old UI on SMS? Don't worry because we have some options floating around just for you. This time, XDA member iambenz made this nice UI SMS interface with a modern attractive look based on the work of XDA member yxyn. This UI is multi resolution and will work on Windows Mobile devices running 6.5 and up. Originally posted by iambenz original post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=614131 Thanks yxyn shares this great idea! This post is made by me, Benz. Hope you...