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Tomek Kondrat · Apr 4, 2014

Stay Up to Date with the News Using Fast News

With good reason, our current era is called the age of information. We have various different types of media at our disposal, all informing us of some groundbreaking events. And then the popularity of smartphones makes accessing this information even easier than ever. What could ever better than a small device connected to the Web that can be pulled out of our pockets in a few seconds and show us any piece of information we would ever want to see?...

Tomek Kondrat · Jan 31, 2014

Stay up to Date on Android News with Android Hub

RSS readers are quite popular, especially on mobile devices. They allow us to easily access our favorite news sites, such as the XDA Portal, without actually visiting the site itself. This is beneficial, as our small screens aren't ideal for reading the full versions of various websites. Thus, it's important to have a solid RSS reader app. An application created by XDA Forum Member Line.Dev is something that every Android enthusiast should try. This reader includes all the major Android...

Tomek Kondrat · Nov 28, 2013

Get News Fast with NewsJet

The tempo of life is incredibly fast nowadays. Having to keep pace and an overall lack of time are main reasons why people use news feed readers. Information needs to be extremely fast and reliable... fast like a jet. Many of you browse various news sites to get information about politics, technology, and sports. Browsing when mobile, however, can become difficult when connection speeds are less than ideal and pages are relatively heavy. In these situations, a good old-fashioned RSS...