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orb3000 · Jul 22, 2011

Galaxy S I9000 ROM Cooking Guide

As a regular member, one always wishes to have their own ROM a la carte, and now thanks to this great guide by XDA member Perka, this is possible. Based on the work of many devs, the original poster got together all that you need to "easily" cook your own roms. The guide contains 22 steps, which are well explained as well as all the needed tools  for you to try the art of cooking. Of course, you will need...

mic_888 · Jul 18, 2011

Turn Your SGS White

With the recent fashion for white phones, Samsung released the white version of the popular Galaxy S i9000 a few months back in certain countries. XDA forum member sensi_ wanted to be part of this exclusive club and decided his black SGS needed a bit of brightening up. The parts are ordered from Samsung so are genuine OEM plates. However, the XDA member does advise that changes on the plates are a little tricky, so be aware! Two parts were replaced...

Will Verduzco · Jul 14, 2011

Replace Your Samsung Device’s Charging Screen with NoMoarPowah!

If you think that mobile device modification ends at replacing Android's modular components, you're wrong. XDA Senior Moderator and Recognized Developer Chainfire is at it again, this time with a Charging Screen replacement for certain Samsung devices. In one of his "sillier" modifications, the developer has replaced the stock charging screen with one packing loads of extra functionality. For starters, this modification displays both the time and numerical battery charge level when active. In addition, NoMoarPowar! also can be set to power on...

mic_888 · Jun 4, 2011

SGS Carbon Fibre Case Mod

There have been carbon fibre case mods for many different devices, and here is one for the Samsung Galaxy S. The carbon fibre look is very popular and the most popular carbon fibre case mod appears to be one using 3M Carbon Fibre tape. XDA forum member gfcpinto has performed this very mod on his SGS using simply the tape, a steady hand, some time and an hairdryer. Not to be outdone, XDA forum member Vin_Thomas also performed the same...

egzthunder1 · Jun 3, 2011

JIG Values for All SGS Devices (Except Tab)

As of lately, we have been publishing a few articles regarding hardware level hacking and modding, particularly for the Samsung Galaxy S  and SGS2 device families. In fact, there was an article not too long ago that described a home made JTAG rig for aimed for the Samsung Captivate. However, even with all of this knowledge and advances, it is still quite difficult to come up with solutions to recover from bricks as the information needed like pin outs and...

mic_888 · May 24, 2011

Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 Easy GPS Fix

If you find you that getting a good GPS fix on your Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 is taking too long then check out XDA forum member KonfusedGeek's quick fix. There are other guides around which require a bit of manual tweaking and may provide better results, however if you just want to try out a small settings tweak, then this is the guide that you might want to try first. The XDA member states that this small guide will reduce...

mic_888 · May 23, 2011

Swap i9003 Internal SDCard Memory With External_SD

There have been many requests for a method to convert or use the external microSD card memory as internal SDcard memory. XDA forum member trip007in has discovered a hack courtesy of 3snow at www.lowyat.net and has posted this in the forums for other members to try. The hack swaps internal and external memory in order for games to make use of the larger space and for Maps for Navigation. It makes use of a modified vold.fstab file which replaces the...

Will Verduzco · May 17, 2011

Edit Your Videos on the Go with the Samsung Video Editor

Does your Android phone stare longingly at Honeycomb devices and their built in video editor software? Have you tried to get your fix with VidTrim, but found it a little too spartan? Luckily, if you're a Galaxy S user, XDA forum member the orange bandit has stumbled across the perfect application for you. In addition to providing forum goers with the application install files, he has located a comprehensive guide to aid in getting the most from the app. The application...

Sam Caplat · May 12, 2011

Play God With Your Samsung Galaxy S Using Nitrality

Having the ability to control your phone in many ways is fun and helpful at times. Changing things and adding that little extra 'flourish' makes your phone, yours. But sometimes not everything you need is integrated into one app, and most of the time, apps don't 'talk to each other', which can cause issues sometimes. Thankfully, XDA member nitr8 has come to your rescue. He's released an app which allows you to do a bunch of things with your Galaxy...

egzthunder1 · May 6, 2011

Self Made UART JIG and Debugging Connector for SGS I9000

As of late, it seems that the engineers among us have begun surfacing as we are seeing an influx of threads regarding very specific topics, particularly in the I9000 section. XDA member UberPinguin shares with us the idea that he had while browsing through some of these threads. Most devices, ever since the Windows Mobile, era will come not only with bootloader and roms on them. There are various levels within the hardware hat can be accessed via specialty pieces of...

egzthunder1 · May 6, 2011

Got a Bricked SGS? There May Be Hope Ahead…

So, even devices that are deemed unbrickable, like most devices using ODIN can be turned into absolute paperweights (although, if the phones keep getting thinner, they will not be good even for that if bricked). However, there are always ways to recover them or return them to life, although, most of them are expensive because of the hardware required or simply because they need to be shipped back to the factory to have it done there. XDA member js22 had started...

Will Verduzco · May 1, 2011

Android 2.3.4-Based CyanogenMod 7 Nightlies Make Their Way to the Samsung Galaxy S i9000

Are you a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 owner looking for some oh-so-sweet Android 2.3.4 goodness wrapped in CyanogenMod 7 packaging? Well, thanks to XDA forum member codeworkx and the rest of the SGS CM7 team, you can now give this a try. According to the developer, the features of this nightly release are: android 2.3.4 nexus s kernel changes (gpu, usb accessory, display panel reset) new gpu drivers changes on autobrightness backlight notification. While feature packed, this release may not...

mic_888 · Apr 28, 2011

Auto-Rotating TouchWiz Launcher for Gingerbread

If you are a fan of Touchwiz, check out this modded auto-rotating version for the Galaxy S by XDA forum member pawitp. For de-odexed ROMs only, the mod features the following branches: 5_icon_dock, enabling 5 icons in the dock alphabetical, which lets you arrange the menu alphabetically landscape, enabling landscape mode no_app_tile, no app background tiles translucent_bg, enabling a translucent background in app menu fullscreen, enabling use of the launcher in fullscreen mode blank_page_indicator, remove numbers from the page indicator...

mic_888 · Apr 26, 2011

ClockWorkMod For SGS4G Public Beta

If you've been waiting for CWM3, wait no longer. XDA forum members Krylon360 and drhonk have posted their public beta for the SGS4G. Currently, there are issues with /system mounts, although the device does not unmount to be able to format during a restore. What currently works include: Backup, Advanced Restore of Data and Cache, Flashing zips, Error reporting. You'll need to use Root Explorer, Android Commander, and Droid Explorer to replace the recovery binary in /system/bin with the one...

mic_888 · Apr 13, 2011

Control Your Kernel With Pimp My CPU OC/UV Tool

If you want to have a bit of fun with your kernel, check out XDA forum member Cpasjuste's app, Pimp My CPU. Pimp My CPU is a tool developed by the XDA dev after installing CM7, with (currently) limited functions, to change the maximum and minimum frequency depending on the kernel capability and to lower voltages. Similar to Voltage Control by XDA member xan, Pimp My CPU lets you apply the settings on the fly or save them to be...

egzthunder1 · Apr 12, 2011

Mod: Do You Know What Is Underneath The Chrome In Your I9000?

Would you like to give your shiny Galaxy S I9000 a not so shiny look? I personally have nothing but respect for people who have the guts to take a knife to a device worth hundreds of dollars, much like XDA member davanw. Apparently, he decided to see if there was anything better underneath the chrome look of this device. Much to his surprise, he encountered a rather smooth grey finish in that looks relatively good just by itself. He...

mic_888 · Apr 11, 2011

Overscroll Glow Ported To Gingerbread XXJVK On Galaxy S

If you are running Gingerbread Stock firmware XXJVK on your Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and are desperate to see the Overscroll Glow effect on your device, XDA forum member dhiru1602 has successfully ported the functions and code required to XXJVK! Note that a few Touchwiz apps that have 'Swipe to Message or Call Feature' will have the default scrolling and this mod does not take effect for such Scroll Lists since this feature is a part of Touchwiz and not...

mic_888 · Apr 5, 2011

FuguRoot: Root Any Stock SGS ROM Safely

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and want to be able to root any stock SGS ROM safely, take a look at XDA forum member nikademus's kernel. The XDA member has created a kernel based on fugumod, which supports all filesystems and has only one purpose - rooting any SGS stock ROM. It installs busybox and SuperUser and the dev states it is safer than rooting using other all purpose kernels since it does not try to start...

dbzfanatic · Apr 2, 2011

CF-Root 2.6 For Galaxy S I9000

XDA moderator Chainfire has been hard at work on his kernel for the Galaxy S I9000. To quote him "This rooted kernel is for the "rooting beginners" and those who want to keep as close to stock as possible. CF-Root takes the kernel from an original Samsung firmware, and just adds root, busybox, unprotected recovery, and CWM compatibility." Please note that the Froyo version is CWM compatible and does not include CWM by default. However, the Gingerbread version does include...

Ben Elliott · Mar 27, 2011

New Gingerbread Update for Samsung Galaxy S Leaks, Available to Download Now!

Yup, despite Sammy's apparent inability to roll out Froyo updates on time, download links have popped up all over the internet this week, which provide access to a leaked official Gingerbread update to the I9000 model of its Galaxy S family. This may not be the first Gingerbread update to have been leaked for the device but the release is great news for developers and owners of the device alike, as it means that Android 2.3.3 has been tailored by Samsung...