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Mathew Brack · Mar 30, 2015

What’s Next For Pebble?

It is all well and good stating figures, but what does $20 million of crowd funding mean for a company? The Pebble Time just recently ended their Kickstarter with over 4000% of their initial request which was just $500,000.  This level of funding is unprecedented for Kickstarter and it passed $1 million in less than an hour bringing with it a level of fame unavailable to many other OEMs.     Produced by the Pebble Technology Corporation (PTC), the Pebble Watch has...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Feb 15, 2015

Smartwatches Had No Year, Again

Android Wear could have been the hit we had all waited for, the gadget that would have made us tech-born enthusiasts finally achieve our childhood dreams of wrist computers you can give orders to, ala 2001: A Space Odyssey minus the murderous bits. Google's initial promises of a great smart-watch had bloggers, journalists, and Android fans spilling praises of digital ink all over the web, and with devices like the Moto 360 teasing us with not just power and utility but also elegance,...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Jan 26, 2015

A Dimmed Start for Wear: Untapped Style Potential

There are some fundamental problems with Android Wear, and smartwatches as a whole. We've discussed some of these on our feature about its slow adoption. What many enthusiasts think holds Wear back is the lack of a decent app ecosystem, and the fact that it has not gained the functionality it needs. Meanwhile, market analysts place the poor penetration on the relatively high prices, many complaining that $200 is too much for a secondary gadget that does just what your phone does...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Jan 5, 2015

The Slow Adoption of Wear

Smartwatches were touted to be the next revolution in personal computing for the past 3 years, each time with analysts claiming, adamantly and viscously, that the smartwatch revolution was around the corner. First it was 2013, the year that saw the release of the Pebble - but other than this addition to the category, there was not much else to remember. People were expecting Apple to come and take the world by storm by blowing everyone's expectations with an "iWatch" that would...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Jan 3, 2015

Alcatel Introduces Undercutting Budget Smartwatch

Alcatel, the chinese OEM known for its budget phones and lower priced flagship phones such as the One Touch Idol, has announced their entry into the smartwatch game by introducing us to their affordable wearable, a round-faced competitor to Google’s Android Wear platform, and the highly anticipated Apple Watch. Alcatel has contributed to the proliferation of cheap entry level smartphones in markets such as South America and third/world demographics, while also having a strong presence in Europe. Their authority in the low-end segment has led them to a...

Jimmy McGee · Dec 30, 2014

Beyond Smartphones: How To Get There w/ Troed Sångberg – XDA:DevCon 2014

Today’s XDA:DevCon 2014 session video continues from yesterday’s talk by Andreas Göransson entitled Building Wearable Apps with Android. Today’s talk is from another Sony staff member. Earlier we heard from Sony staffer Alin Jerpelea’s with his session AOSP For Sony Devices: Past, Present and Future. Our presenter Troed Sångberg is a developer advocate with Sony Developer Relations. His many years in technology include a core technical background in the home computer scene of the 80s, professional telecom develoment since the late 90s...

Tomek Kondrat · Aug 25, 2014

Samsung to Release SIM Card-Ready Smartwatch

The smartwatch madness continues. No further back than yesterday, we talked about LG uploading a video teaser showing off their upcoming LG G Watch R. Now, another Korean OEM decides to enter the game. The upcoming premiere of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which should take place in just over a week, will also be the launching point for a few wearable devices. As the Samsung leakster Sammobile claims, the new smartwatch will be available to purchase a few months after Note 4 release, and it will contain a SIM card slot, which makes the...

TK · Aug 20, 2014

Device Review: Samsung Gear Live

Recently, Google announced Android Wear to the world. Android Wear is the Android-based initiative from Google to standardize the world of wearable devices. This year at their I/O event, Google showed off two Android Wear devices: the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live. Today, we will be reviewing the Samsung entry into the Android Wear market. The Samsung Gear Live is Samsung’s third mainstream smartwatch release, after the Galaxy Gear 1 and 2, and the first to sport Android...

Jimmy McGee · Jan 22, 2014

Smartwatch Showdown: Pebble vs Galaxy Gear vs Omate TrueSmart – XDA Developer TV

During CES 2014, XDA Developer TV Producer TK got a chance to get his hands on the Omate TrueSmart smartwatch 2.0 and interview the founder of Omate about the watch. Be sure to check out that video. Also, TK got a chance to do a full review of the Omate device as well. There is a lot of interest in this device, and a lot of new smartwatches are in a the works. Some have even already been released. In...

TK · Jan 15, 2014

Device Review: Omate TrueSmart

The Omate TrueSmart 2.0 is a new contender in the smartwatch category of wearable tech. The great thing about the TrueSmart smartwatch 2.0 is that it’s shipping to KickStarter backers right now in the form of a developer edition, and has community support from Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) and developers, such as Lokifish Marz, Dees Troy, Daniel Ortiz, and Kurt Huwig. At this time, production is ramping up and more units are ready to start shipping. The company recently...

Jimmy McGee · Jan 12, 2014

International CES 2014 Wrap Up – What Got Announced?

The spectacle that is the International CES show has come to an end for yet another year. While there are bound to be more Android announcements at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, there are still some things announced this week to look forward to---and some things that were announced that you won’t look forward to. Huawei Let’s start with the unexciting. The mobile device manufacturer with a name that is not pronounced how it is spelled, Huawei, released an updated...

Jimmy McGee · Jan 12, 2014

Omate TrueSmart Hands On and Interview with Laurent Le Pen at CES 2014 – XDA Developer TV

This year at the International CES 2014, XDA Developer TV Producer Jordan saw a lot of smartwatches---everything from the Neptune Pine to the new MetaWatches, and much more. You can see all of this on his channel. However, he wasn't the only person in attendance, nor are these the only Smartwatches on display. XDA Developer TV Producer TK was on site, and he got his hands on the Omate TrueSmart. This watch is not just a notification panel for your smartphone. It, like...