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Mathew Brack · Feb 9, 2015

Snapchat Drains Excessive Amount of Background Data

On the 27th of January, Snapchat updated their application to include a "Discover" tab, this page displays icons from various sources such as: National Geographic, MTV and Cosmopolitan. Selecting one of these icons opens up a related news feed, featuring: videos, images and text. As with any major update to an app, reviews were very mixed with many people saying that the update was the cause of a series of problems such as: excessive battery consumption, frequent crashes and now it seems...

Samantha · Dec 1, 2014

Easily Mass-Send Snapchat Messages to All Your Friends

Although it's demonstrably insecure by its very nature, Snapchat can be a really fun way of communicating with your friends. While those immensely ugly faces that you make in front of the camera can technically last beyond those 10 seconds if you use an aftermarket client or any number of other methods to preserve the data, most casual users don't do this so it's kind of like the self destructing tapes used as plot elements in various movies. But when...