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Tomek Kondrat · Nov 15, 2014

Android Lollipop Builds Land on Next Batch of Devices

The Android hype rages on, as we continue to see source-built ports of this OS for many devices practically every day. Some of them are ready to be considered daily driver status, while others aren't just yet. Regardless, they are all great because once again the community says no to arbitrary limitations imposed by OEMs. A short while ago, we talked about the Sony Xperia L getting an Android 5.0 port. Since then, XDA Recognized Developer and Contributor varun.chitre15 managed...

Tomek Kondrat · Nov 9, 2014

Sony Xperia L Joins the Lollipop Family

In the last couple days, we've seen quite a few Android 5.0 Lollipop ports appear for various devices. Aside from the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini, the vast majority of these ports were designed to work with flagship-level devices. Now, another non-flagship (yet highly regarded) device has been added to the Lollipop fray: the Sony Xperia L. The AOSP port was made by XDA Recognized Developer and Contributor varun.chitre15. The release is pretty stable for an initial build, but because...

Will Verduzco · May 5, 2014

FXP Team Brings CyanogenMod 11 to the Sony Xperia L

Released in the middle of last year, the Xperia L is one of Sony's more budget-friendly offerings. Due to its price and relatively capable specifications, it's become quite the popular choice for those not looking for the latest and greatest flagship-level device. And because of its popularity, the Xperia L is no stranger to aftermarket development. Now thanks to the FXP team, which has brought official CyanogenMod builds to various Sony devices, we have an incredibly highly functioning CM11 port for the device. The...

Samantha · Feb 16, 2014

Sony Xperia M and L Get Smart Social Camera Port

Although released into the market less than a year ago, it seems that the Sony Xperia L and M are missing out on a lot of the fun and goodies its younger and older siblings are getting, namely the Android 4.3 update and the host of features that come along with it. Of course, one may say that the Xperia L has been gifted with something greater and rarer, AOSP KitKat support from Sony, but where does that leave the...

Will Verduzco · Dec 13, 2013

Sony Pushes Envelope of Developer Friendliness Once Again, AOSP KitKat for Xperia L

For quite some time now, we've been continually impressed by Sony's efforts to appeal to the development community and its power users. In fact, ever since Sony's AOSP experiment with the Xperia S last summer, the company has kept to its promise of providing as many resources as possible for those creating aftermarket development work for Sony devices. Now, Sony has some new treats for developers just in time for the Holiday season. The company has now released AOSP device...