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Jack Jennings · Jul 20, 2015

Sony Invites Swedish Z3 Users to Test Concept Software

Sony is no stranger to setting up beta testing programs, and generally has a good working relationship with the development community, having previously even released AOSP builds for a few of their flagships. Today however the Japanese manufacturer has invited Swedish Xperia Z3 users to evaluate new 'Android concept' software, starting on July 27th. It's not entirely clear what Sony means with this curious title. One would hope that this is an effort to get on the Android M bandwagon early,...

Mathew Brack · Jun 22, 2015

Sony Brings Android M Dev Preview to 17 Devices

Sony has now released a guide on creating and flashing a test image of AOSP Android M Preview that can be used for any of the 17 Xperia devices listed on their Open Device Program. Although neither the modem or camera have been implemented, the preview is an excellent opportunity to test the new features such as improved app permissions. Supported devices include: Xperia Z3/Z3 compact/Tablet compact Xperia Z2/Z2 Tablet Xperia Z1/Z1 compact Xperia Z/Z ultra/ZL/Tablet Z Xperia E3 Xperia...

Tomek Kondrat · Jun 4, 2015

Sony Announces Android 5.1 Update For the Xperia Line

Sony published a list of devices that will get an update to Android 5.1 Lollipop. Users of phones and tablets that got the official Android 5.0 already should not be worried as Lollipop will be bumped on those devices in July. The list contains no less than twenty devices that should get the OTA notification before August. Here’s a list of supported models: Xperia Z4 Xperia Z4 Tablet Xperia Z3+ Xperia Z3+ Dual Xperia Z3 (Z3 Dual) Xperia Z3 Compact Xperia Z3 Compact...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Apr 21, 2015

New Xperia Z4 Features Stagnation, Regression & Concerns

Sony is, perhaps, one of the most quiet players in the smartphone market. Their Xperia Z line gets a semesterly refresh, and the incremental improvements have proved to make consumers happy. The Xperia Z2 featured, in particular, great battery life, and the Z1 compact, Z3 and Z3 Compact all had or improved upon that too. In fact, that’s been one of Sony’s biggest strengths these past two years and thus we expect the same - or better - from their...

egzthunder1 · Jan 22, 2015

Why Is Sony Going under and How Can It Save Itself?

One of the most iconic names in the mobile industry has always been the Japanese giant, Sony. Over the years, we have seen this company going from an icon, to an evil empire going after poor developers (yeah, yeah... different division), to one of the most friendly giants a developer could hope to have as a friend. Over the last couple of years, Sony has shown the developer world (and really the entire world) that being a ginormous global corporation...

Jimmy McGee · Jan 11, 2015

Hands-on with the New Sony Products at CES 2015 – XDA TV

At the 2015 International CES, Japanese manufacturer Sony released an Android powered Walkman, the ZX2. We were very excited to take a look at it, and also ran into the other two latest products from Sony while we were there: the Xperia Z3C tablet and Sony Smartwatch 3. XDA TV Producer Jordan got a chance to get his hands on the Sony triplets and learn more about them. Jordan shares what he learned in our latest XDA TV video, and also shows off the...

Diamondback · Jan 6, 2015

Restore Functionality on Unlocked Xperia Devices – Part Two

As you might have noticed, not too long ago, we featured an article that detailed how to get back lost functionality on unlocked Sony Xperia devices. To recap, a simple system modification allows you to gain back most of the features you lost when unlocking the bootloader of a recent Xperia device. The reason for the reduced functionality is that, when unlocking the bootloader, you lose the device's internal DRM keys which are required for things like streaming protected media but also for advanced...

Tomek Kondrat · Jan 4, 2015

Android Powered Sony Walkman To Debut At CES

Back in 1979 Sony released one of the weirdest portable devices that conquered the globe instantly. The Walkman allowed anyone to listen to their favorite hits almost everywhere. According to Sony's web page the company sold 385 millions devices branded as “Walkman” until 2009. The Walkman is also available on Android, as Sony (Ericsson) released the Live with Walkman phone back in 2011, with Walkman applications available in almost every major device that Sony releases. To be perfectly frank, Walkman devices are now...

Jimmy McGee · Dec 30, 2014

Beyond Smartphones: How To Get There w/ Troed Sångberg – XDA:DevCon 2014

Today’s XDA:DevCon 2014 session video continues from yesterday’s talk by Andreas Göransson entitled Building Wearable Apps with Android. Today’s talk is from another Sony staff member. Earlier we heard from Sony staffer Alin Jerpelea’s with his session AOSP For Sony Devices: Past, Present and Future. Our presenter Troed Sångberg is a developer advocate with Sony Developer Relations. His many years in technology include a core technical background in the home computer scene of the 80s, professional telecom develoment since the late 90s...

Tomek Kondrat · Dec 24, 2014

The History of Flagships: Part I – Sony

Every OEM aspiring to conquer the mobile world undoubtedly releases its take on the so-called "flagship device". Phones or tablets described as flagship are premium-class devices with top hardware specifications and usually run the newest version of the Android OS and their custom UI modifications. Since the initial version of Android, brands like Sony, Samsung, HTC, and Motorola have released quite a few premium devices. We thought it would be a good to take a moment to review some of them...

Jimmy McGee · Dec 23, 2014

AOSP for Sony Devices: Past, Present and Future w/ Alin Jerpelea – XDA:DevCon 2014

It's Holiday time, and as a gift to those of you who were not able to make it to XDA:DevCon 2014 in Manchester, UK, we will begin posting our videos from some of the presentations. Over the next 12 days we will be releasing the sessions for you to enjoy. The first video we are posting is a familiar face to xda:devcon, Sony's Alin Jerpelea. At the 2013 xda:devcon Alin talked about Android and Legacy Devices. In 2014 Alin spoke about...

Tomek Kondrat · Dec 20, 2014

Sony Updates AOSP Sources to Android 5.0.1

Just a few days ago, Sony did an utterly fantastic job by pushing out numerous device trees for all 2014 Qualcomm based Xperia devices to its GitHub account. This came as a rather big surprise for some, but Sony wants to finish this year with a little extra oomph. The Japanese OEM decided to update the device trees, kernel and binaries to Android 5.0.1. Way to go, Sony! The list of currently supported devices is impressive. In addition to almost the...

Samantha · Dec 19, 2014

Google Glass-like Clip-On For Regular Glasses Developed by Sony

For the price of $2,000, a pair of glasses that can run apps, take pictures, and function a mini-computer should at least come with a nice designer frame--maybe something Ray-Ban, Gucci, or Persol. But, no. Forking over that amount of money for Google Glass gets you a cyborg headpiece that can do what your phone does. Sure, you can pay extra money for a limited selection of alternate frames, but wouldn't it be nice if you could keep your own...

Tomek Kondrat · Dec 15, 2014

Enhance Screenshots Functionality by Adding a Delete Button

Screenshots are the best choice for users wishing to show off their current home screens or provide extra detailed bug reports for certain issues to app developers. Android has a built-in screenshot system that allows you to take a shot with a simple key combination. However, the built-in functionality could easily be improved by adding a delete button, because right now you need to open the gallery manually to delete unneeded images. Taking screenshots on Android would be much easier with...

Tomek Kondrat · Dec 12, 2014

Sony Shows How to Unlock the Bootloader on Xperia Devices

For casual smartphone users, the bootloader is more than likely something of a mystery. Many users don't know what it does, and there's a fair chance that they've never even heard of it. For XDA users, the bootloader is something that allows us to flash custom kernels and ROMs. Some OEMs and carriers, however, lock the bootloader and don't give users a chance to unlock it. Luckily, not all OEMs and carriers perform such a practice. Quite a few times now,...

Tomek Kondrat · Dec 9, 2014

Pimp Your Xperia with Impressive Animations

Unlike Apple's iOS or Microsoft's Windows Phone, Android gives users tons of customization options. Almost every element of the user interface can be changed through third party applications, Xposed Framework modules, or simply through reverse engineering. Additionally, many OEMs also apply their own custom UIs in order to make their devices seem unique. One OEM with quite a lot in terms of skin customization is Sony. Animations and fancy transitions are just a small part of Sony's UI tweaks. If...

jerdog · Nov 24, 2014

Sony Encouraging SmartWatch 2 Development

Mobile device companies like selling devices--it's how they make their money and it's how they fund the next device that's already in their pipeline. It also makes it very hard to support those same devices in 6 months when the next iteration is out. There's one thing that can be said though about Sony, and it's this: They work really hard to encourage development on their devices, no matter how old they might be. They've consistently put out AOSP for their...

Tomek Kondrat · Nov 6, 2014

Sony AOSP Program to Bring Lollipop to Xperia Z1, Z2, Z3 / Compact

The Android Lollipop madness continues at an incredible pace and every few hours, we learn about new ROMs for various unsupported devices. There are some OEMs out there that have shown that they care about aftermarket ROM development. In the last few months, we've written quite a bit about the Sony AOSP program. Now, we have a chance to write about it once again. Sony announced that there will be device trees, binaries, and a unified kernel for three of...

Tomek Kondrat · Nov 3, 2014

Add NTFS Support to Your Android Device

Over the last few years, Android has become quite a complete mobile operating system. Numerous features and its open source nature make it an even more attractive choice both to developers and casual end users. Despite the overall greatness of the OS, there is still a little room for improvements--a fact that was demonstrated clearly with the awesomeness that is Android Lollipop and all of its new goodies! One potentially useful feature that stock Android lacks is NTFS support. NTFS...

Jimmy McGee · Oct 17, 2014

Android Lollipop Confirmed, Nexus 6, 9, and Player Announced! Sony AOSP Extended

Google Officially Announced Android 5.0 Lollipop! That and much more news is covered by Jordan when he reviews all the important stories from this week. Included in this week's news is the announcement of Google Nexus 6, 9 and Player and be sure the check out the addition of Xperia Z1 and Z2 to Sony's AOSP Program. That's not all that's covered in today's video! Jordan talks about the other videos released this week on XDA TV. XDA TV Producer...