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Tomek Kondrat · Jan 5, 2015

CyanogenMod Has Integrated Superuser With Privacy Guard

Custom ROMs can't exist without root access. It's needed to flash a ROM, edit a system file, or even gain some app functionality. Since the very beginning of CyanogenMod, the project has been using an external Superuser application by XDA Retired Recognized Developer ChainsDD, which was recently replaced by Koush's app. CyanogenMod 11 seems to be the last version of the project that uses an external Superuser app, as the upcoming CyanogenMod 12 will have it integrated in Privacy Guard. The code change, spotted on...

orb3000 · Mar 13, 2012

Rooting HTC One X With Superboot

Just yesterday, we gave the HTC One X a home in our forums. While some of us are desperately waiting for the April 5th release date, we are glad to see that a Superboot root tool has been released by XDA Forum Member paulobrien. Running the root tool is as simple as executing a batch file on Windows or a script on Linux and Mac. In the words of the developer: Superboot is a boot.img that when booted, will root your device the first...

Jase Glenn · Feb 15, 2012

Fireplace Market 2.0!

When it was first unveiled on the Portal a few weeks ago, Fireplace Market had started to turn some heads. Many feel that there is a need for an innovative, third-party marketplace for root users. All of the applications in Fireplace Market require root access, and are designed for advanced users. At the time of the original article, Fireplace was still in the initial stages of development. Not anymore! Fireplace Market 2.0 has hit beta phase and it's open for...

Ian Stacy · Feb 13, 2012

Check Your Root Status With SU Checker

If you've ever attempted to root a device prone to difficulties or requiring a trial-and-error type exploit (the Motorola Droid X or T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide, for example) then you know how easily it can go wrong. Sometimes the operation fails and you end up with the superuser app installed but without actual root file system access. A quick search for "lost root" on our forums yields an astonishing 274,000 results. Almost all the visible results link to posts where forum members believe they have...