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OpenWatch v0.4.1 Released for Android

February 12, 2010   By:


OpenWatch allows a bluetooth enabled watch to connect with your cellphone. It is now available for Android!

Originally Posted by moneytoo
See OpenWatch VIDEO!

- Device running Android 2.0 or newer
- Sony Ericsson MBW-100/150/200
- or Prada Link (limited support – currently missing message list and some notifications)

Tested Devices
- Motorola Droid
- Nexus One
- T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream (Android 2.0/2.1 builds with BT support)

Current features
- Start on boot
- Call notification (name or number)
- SMS notification (name or number and text preview)
- MMS notification
- Media player control (play/pause, next/previous track, volume up/down)
- Music info (track and artist)
- Gmail notification (sender and subject)
- K-9 mail notification (sender and subject)
- Calendar notification (time and event name)
- Alarm notification
- IM notification (Mundu IM – sender and text preview, Hi AIM/MSN/Yahoo)
- Display number of unread SMS+MMS, Gmail, missed calls, battery
- Ability to Silence ringer on incoming call
- English, Russian, Greek, German, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Czech fonts
- Slovak, Polish accents stripping
- Any language support for mail/sms/music/appointment (Chinese, Japanese, Korean…)
- English, German and Czech localization (contact me if you want to translate the text or improve it)
- Notification bar icon
- API for developers (receive button events and display text/envelope on watch, make it vibrate)
- Graphical logos (96×16 BMP)
- Customizable screen

Continue on to the application thread.


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