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Jimmy McGee · Feb 25, 2015

IF by IFTTT, If This Then That App Tutorial & Review – XDA TV

We've talked about using Tasker and other products to automate tasks on your phone. However, Tasker isn't the only option and sometimes can be a little bit confusing to setup. There is finally an Android App for the automation website IFTTT. IFTTT, if you don't know, stands for IF This Then That. In the app you set up some triggers and actions or recipes as they call it. XDA TV Producer RootJunky presents instructions on how to setup some recipes...

Jimmy McGee · Jun 26, 2014

Android App Review: Manage Your WiFi with WiFi Scheduler – XDA Developer TV

Here on XDA Developer TV, we’ve talked about automating your device with many videos in our Tasker Tutorial Series. In that series, we have a lot of options from the basic to the advanced. However, sometimes you just want to automate how and when your device turns on WiFi. XDA Recognized Developer bartito offers up an application that allows you control your WiFi state based on the cell towers you are connected to. In this video, XDA Developer TV Producer TK reviews...

Jimmy McGee · Dec 5, 2013

Android App Review: MacroDroid Automation – XDA Developer TV

Here at XDA, we like to make things easier in life with the use of technology. That’s why we’ve had numerous videos on automation. We’ve shown you how to use Tasker, Llama, WEMO switches, and more. However, sometimes you just want a simple and easy-to-use app. XDA Forum Member UndeadCretin offers an easy-to-use macro automation app. In this video, XDA Developer TV Producer TK reviews MacroDroid. TK shows off the application and gives his thoughts, so check out this app...

Tomek Kondrat · Nov 17, 2013

Automation for Everyone with MacroDroid

Task automation has become quite a big feature in Android. The success of Tasker and NFC tags brought much in that realm, as modern devices have many sensors that can be used to determine many variables such as location. Some OEMs have even included various predefined automation schemes in their official firmwares. A few months ago, there was an XDA TV feature about Llama. The program is a free alternate to the popular automation program Tasker. The concept of this application...

Jimmy McGee · Aug 28, 2013

Control Your Lights with NFC Tags or Your Voice – XDA Developer TV

Yesterday, XDA Developer TV Producer Kevin, a.k.a. The Tech Ninja, showed us how to control our lights with Tasker triggers. If the amount of videos out there on this topic is any indication, there are still many different ways to do home automation. Everything from build your own to some of the methods Kevin has found. In today's video, XDA Developer TV Producer Kevin shows you how to turn off and on your lights with NFC Launcher and AutoVoice. This means...

Jimmy McGee · Aug 27, 2013

Control Your Lights with Your Android Phone – XDA Developer TV

XDA Developer TV Producer Kevin, a.k.a. The Tech Ninja, is a bit of an phone automation expert. You can check out his Tasker Series to see all the great things he's automated with Tasker and other automation apps. He's done everything from basics such as turning off WiFi at work to controlling his Android device by voice. But that is not all he can do! In today's video, Kevin shows you how to turn on and off your lights with Tasker...

Jimmy McGee · Jun 18, 2013

Voice Control Your Phone with Tasker and AutoVoice – XDA Developer TV

XDA Developer TV Producer Kevin set up his phone to respond to his voice. He does so with Tasker and some other programs like SMS, my Car and Me, AutoVoice, Secure Settings, and Gravity Screen Off. Earlier, Kevin showed us advanced Uses, intermediate uses , and basic uses of Tasker. Then, Kevin showed you an alternative to Tasker called Llama. He covered the basics then expanded on them. In this part of the series, Kevin gives you what you asked for.  Kevin...

Will Verduzco · Jun 14, 2013

Activate Actions upon Removal of NFC Tags

Using NFC to launch actions or perform certain tasks when you tap your device on a tag is a pretty cool thing. In fact, it's hardly something new, as we've even covered a few tools that let you do so easily. These past uses, however, rely on tapping a tag to perform an action. Wouldn't it be useful for other use-cases if you could activate a task when removing a tag from your device? Just think; this could allow you to do...