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Mario Tomás Serrafero · Jun 24, 2015

Stock Lollipop Theme Now Available for S6 Theme Engine

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge still featured the same-old TouchWiz design language with aesthetics plenty of power users find unappealing. Despite its theme engine, the phone did not come with any themes that truly captured the simplicity and cohesiveness of Stock Android. Nevertheless, given that developers and designers could create their own themes, everyone had their hopes up for one based on Lollipop's base look. And here it is!   This stock Material Design theme took 3 weeks of perfecting (and...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Feb 20, 2015

Customization of Third Party Apps: Right or Wrong?

Aesthetics have been a major focal point of the latest updates to Android, and with Material Design bringing new guidelines, many developers jumped into the trend of grandiosely humble, mutely colorful and deeply flat applications. The result is a bunch of new skins that give the OS a more consistent look - or so they should. On paper, Material Design was going to be the unification of the ecosystem into a coherent and cohesive environment, but it fell flat on...

Faiz Malkani · Feb 12, 2015

CM12 Theme: DeepDarkness by _moelle

Earlier this week, we covered a few CM12 themes as part of a guide to highlight some of the best community system themes out there, and today we dive in for a quick glance of one of the most popular CM12 themes, one of the proverbial crème de le crèmes - DeepDarkness by _moelle. This project started off as a little modification for a ROM and due to the overwhelming appraisal it received in its early stages, the theme evolved into a multi-device, universal CM12 theme,...

Tomek Kondrat · Feb 2, 2015

Looking for Some Themes? Theme City to the Rescue!

The CyanogenMod 12 theme engine once again gave all its users the freedom of UI customization. After the release, which took place roughly two weeks ago, numerous themers got to work and prepared countless themes ready to change your ROM into something unique. We did our best to present some of them to you by linking them in our portal. The theme engine allows to change such elements of your ROM as wallpapers, bootanimations, sounds or notifications. With relatively small files, your ROM...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Jan 7, 2015

TouchWiz’s Current and Upcoming Theming Settings

TouchWiz has by far been the most controversial ROM to make it into a flagship. Since the early days of the S line-up, people have compared it to Stock Android, and the offerings of the competition, on a daily basis. While it is true that Samsung has often strayed from the path of Google's original and personal vision for Android, some of these diversions have proven to be successful not just for Samsung's revenue, but for the Android platform as...

Tomek Kondrat · Nov 2, 2014

Learn How to Make Your Own Theme

You don't need graduate degrees in the arts and computer science to create your own theme. Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of the talent and a decent graphics editing program. When you are beginning your journey in theming, you can choose one of two paths: modify an existing theme using APK Tool or write one from scratch using one of available IDEs like Android Studio or Eclipse. For most, the first option seems to be the easier...

GermainZ · Oct 27, 2014

Convert Launcher Themes with Theme Converter

Most Android launchers are extremely customizable, and many users like to experiment with different launcher themes and icon packs to get the perfect look. Some launchers also allow you to pick icons on a per activity basis, which comes in handy when trying to give each page its own style, or if you just want to style the home screen without changing the app drawer's icons. While most launchers agree on a basic set of rules for themes and icon...

Will Verduzco · Aug 17, 2014

Easily Create Sony Xperia Themes for Android 4.1or 4.2

Much of the joy of owning an Android device comes from being able to customize and modify the OS as we see fit. While the most impactful device modifications undoubtedly involve changing elements of the Android OS such as the kernel, ROM, and so on, a large part of the user experience can be improved by simply adding a theme. Because of this, Android theming has become quite common in the forums. Although there are thousands of themes available for various devices in the XDA...

Tomek Kondrat · Aug 3, 2014

Change Your Device Theme to XDA Colors with ChocoUI

Seeing a theme covered here on XDA portal isn't too common. We don't often like to play favorites and feature a particular piece of creative work, as creating a good theme requires lots of time and skills. But sometimes we make exceptions, especially when the project that we want to present to you is different from most available on XDA. For a few years now, the XDA-Developers forum has offered a default color scheme that has come to represent "home"...

Tomek Kondrat · Jul 28, 2014

Port Sony Xperia Themes to CyanogenMod 11 with Ease

In addition the obvious proficiency with graphics, creating a good Android theme requires certain knowledge about exactly one must do. Even the default theme engine used many ROMs requires theme files to have a compatible structure, otherwise your newly created themes will not work or will be incomplete. Sony devices have a quite unique UI, which many people fancy. Unfortunately, like most of stock ROMs, it's bloated and full of commercial content. Because of this, quite a few XDA folks decide to venture over to AOSP-derived ROMs in...

Tomek Kondrat · Jul 3, 2014

Make Your Current OS Match the Android L Style with Xposed

Unquestionably, many have grown to like Android L since its official unveiling. Since then, we've seen users come up with random application ports, ringtones, and other goodies from Google's latest work in progress OS. We are all waiting for the official release, so why not give our current OS builds some of L's graphical style? Not too long ago, we talked about a theme that changes your UI to look like that in Android L. Unfortunately, however, this only works on ROMs with CyanogenMod's...

Faiz Malkani · Jun 29, 2014

Get Your Android L Fix with a Comprehensive Android L Theme

This past week was quite a frenzy for Android fans, with Google I/O bringing a number of announcements regarding Android and its expansion to our wrists, cars, and living rooms. Perhaps the most significant was Google's unveiling of Android L. The L release is slated to bring a rather significant departure in the Android UI, taking us from transitioning from Holo (first seen in Android 3.0 Honeycomb) to the new Material Design. The Android L Developer Preview was launched for the Nexus 5 or a Nexus...

Conan Troutman · May 30, 2014

Jazz Up Your Recovery with TWRP Theme Manager

Team Win Recovery Project, or TWRP for short, is one of the most popular custom recovery options available. It offers support for a wide variety of devices both new and old. It has all the features that you would expect to find in a recovery, as well as a whole lot more. One such not necessarily essential, but nonetheless welcome feature is support for custom themes. While a recovery might not be the first thing on everyone's list of things to...

Will Verduzco · Apr 19, 2014

Say Goodbye to Holo Blue Once and for All

When Google released Android 4.4 KitKat back in October of last year, they changed quite a bit under the hood to improve the OS's performance. But in addition to cleaning up various bits and pieces of code to make things more efficient as part of Project Svelte, Google also got rid of the dynamic status bar indicators that would change colors to indicate network connectivity. In doing so, Google replaced the dynamic blue and white signal and connectivity indicators in the...

Tomek Kondrat · Apr 13, 2014

Comprehensive Guide to Making Your Own Xperia Theme

Theming is an art. As such, making a beautiful theme is an extremely time consuming and challenging task. Preparing resources requires countless hours spent in a graphics editor app. Putting everything together into an application isn't easy, but within XDA you'll find a long list of guides and tutorials that help you understand the Android ecosystem better. If you have some ideas regarding theming and don't know where to start, you should read a guide written by XDA Senior Member...

Will Verduzco · Mar 23, 2014

Disseminate Your Themes with a Icon Pack Shell App

In addition to rooting, modifying, and otherwise hacking our mobile devices, many take to modifying the visuals as well. This can range from installing various themes to playing around with various launchers and more. There is an almost endless supply of available themes in our Android Themes forum, and then there's the whole awesomeness of Themer. But not every theme that you could possibly want has been neatly packaged for ease of installation. And if you've ever manually installed an icon...

Will Verduzco · Mar 17, 2014

Battery Wallpaper Brings Your Battery Level to Your Home Screen

We've all added superfluous swag items to our home screens from time to time just because they look cool. Be it a clock widget when you have a perfectly functional clock indicator in your status bar or a battery widget, these bits of flair are the digital equivalents of large and unnecessary car spoilers. Looking at the large clock widget on my main home screen, I can admit that I'm certainly guilty of this, as I'm sure you have been...

Former Writer · Jan 31, 2012

Tool to Help HTC Rezound Themers

Theming can involve a number of long and tedious activities. Applying the same theme to dozens, even hundreds of icons. even more tedious is taking those icons and putting them back into the apk files they came from. For users of the HTC Rezound, there's one less step from concept to completion. XDA Senior Member MrSmith317 has created a .bat script that automatically switches out the icons in the com.htc.resources.apk, framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk for your themed ones. As with any...

Will Verduzco · Sep 22, 2011

Want Themes for WidgetLocker? Look Here!

Are you a WidgetLocker fan? If so, you may have noticed several themes for the popular lock screen replacement floating around XDA. However with so many themes to choose from, finding and getting a quick look at all of the available options has become quite difficult. Luckily XDA forum member zHk3R has stepped in to create a screenshot-laden theme index! With over 100 indexed themes to choose from we recommend all WidgetLocker users head over to the original thread ASAP!

Ben Elliott · Aug 15, 2011

Make your SGSII Sleeker with Lucid/Hyperdroid Theme for VillainROM and Cognition

It goes without saying that Samsung's Galaxy S II is a very handsome device. However, sometimes the aesthetics of available custom ROMs aren't to everyone's taste. To remedy this, XDA member doctorcete has released regularly updated ports of the Lucid Hyperdroid theme for the newest versions of VillainROM and Cognition for the Galaxy S II, a theme which has already become a popular alternative look amongst owners of other devices. Using these all-in-one flashable zips means you don't have to worry about...