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Mathew Brack · May 11, 2015

Discover XDA: The Senior Recognized Developers

Our senior developers are experts in their respective fields across all areas of development and have been specifically recognized for their contributions to XDA. You may already be familiar with their work or have seen them around the forums. While you may not know all of them, they are an integral part of our community. We reached out to them to find out a bit more about their work and which projects they admired from here.   pulser_g2 "Everything I...

admin · Jan 30, 2014

Interview with an Android Theme Designer

On Jan 28th, Themer, the one-click homescreen theming app for Android, passed one million Play store downloads. As we know from the popularity of theming here on XDA, Android personalization has become an art form in its own right as themes require a healthy dose of beauty, intrigue, and creativity. The team over at Themer recently posted a video created by well-known MyColorScreen designer GaRyArTs. The video shows how inspiration can strike at any moment and how there's a whole...

admin · Dec 20, 2013

Zooper: The Last Word in Android Widget Customization

In the world of ultra-customizable build-your-own Android widgets, there are only a handful of options. UCCW (Ultimate Custom Widget) and Minimalistic Text are probably the most well-known. But the most powerful, the undisputed heavyweight champion of Android, is clearly Zooper. Zooper is not one widget---it's pretty much anything you can imagine. When you drag Zooper to your homescreen, an editor opens that lets you choose among some pre-installed templates, a blank slate, or any templates you've downloaded from the Google...

admin · Dec 5, 2013

Themer Adds XDA Theme, Available Now

For those who want a themed Android phone without all the work of configuring widgets, wallpapers, and icons, our friends at MyColorScreen offer a terrific option with their Themer app (available on Google Play). And as of today, those looking to show their love for XDA can do so by applying the XDA theme, which can be found under the "Newest" category in Themer. This theme features a card-style UI style homescreen design, as well as a direct link to the XDA forums....

Jimmy McGee · Oct 20, 2013

Jordan Interviews Tha Phlash – XDA Developer TV

This year's Big Android BBQ was a great event. XDA Developer TV Producer Jordan was in attendance, and you have already seen him interview XDA Elite Recognized Developer XpLoDWilD and Elite Recognized Developer Dees_Troy (interview). However, these were not the only people Jordan interviewed. In today's episode, Jordan interviews the artist and personality that is ThaPHLASH. Tha Phlash is a self-described urban artist and creator of numerous icons in use on Android Devices. Honestly, there are no words to describe Tha Phlash properly, so...

admin · Oct 7, 2013

Themer Forums Added

Along with the gang at MyColorScreen, we've been working on a new (non-root) app for one-click Android theming called Themer (now on Google Play). The themes apply with all wallpapers, icons, widgets, and launcher settings pre-configured. It's still in closed beta, and the team is constantly adding new features and more themes. Themer requires an activation code to actually use right now (which you can sign up for at ThemerApp.com). There is a wait list to get a code, but we know...