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Jimmy McGee · May 14, 2015

How to Tweak Your Kernel – XDA App Review

Part of being a power user is getting and using more of your device than even the OEM could imagine. Power users want to tweak everything to run just perfectly in their eyes. There are many apps out there that allow you to customize your kernel and today we are going to show off a few. In this video, XDA TV Producer TK reviews three different applications to tweak your kernel. The applications covered in this video are FKupdater, Kernel...

Jimmy McGee · Apr 29, 2015

How to Root the Moto E 2015 and Unlock the Bootloader – XDA TV

In this episode, XDA TV Producer TK shows you how to root, unlock the bootloader, install TWRP recovery and install a custom ROM to fix the broken camera from rooting the Moto E 2nd Gen 2015. TK just recently reviewed the device if you haven't checked it out already.  So as is usual at XDA, we must root all the things, and the Moto E 2nd Gen 2015 is no exception! TK presents instructions on how to gain root access on...

Jimmy McGee · Jan 10, 2015

Remove Bloatware from Your Android Device – XDA TV

Carriers and manufacturers sometimes have the nasty habit of installing apps at the factory. These apps are claimed to be useful and helpful. However, why do I need Verizon's Navigation app when Google Maps is already installed? Why do I need Samsung's Mail app to check my Gmail? Android already comes with a much nicer Gmail app. So, you can just ignore some of the apps, but some still run in the background. Also, your app drawer could potentially be...

Jimmy McGee · Jan 3, 2015

Double-Tap to Wake and Swipe to Sleep – Nexus 6 Mods

The Google Nexus 6 has a hidden secret: It can do the double-tap to wake trick just like the LG phones. However, Google didn’t want the Nexus 6 to display this trick, so it was hidden from view. Here at XDA we like to find these hidden things and do what Google (and other OEM's) do not want us to do. In fact we showed you how to root it. For all those who would like to enable double-tap to wake, XDA...

Jimmy McGee · Dec 21, 2014

How to Root and Unlock the Google Nexus 6 on a Mac – XDA TV

In the past, XDA Developer TV Producer droidmodd3rx has shown you how to root and unlock the bootloader on a Nexus device. This process used the WugFresh Toolkit to Unlock than Relock and Unroot and Root. That required a PC. People have asked if there is a way to do that with a Mac computer. Just because you use a Mac doesn’t mean you can’t root all the things. Following up from last week, Droidmodd3rx presents instructions on how to...

Samantha · Dec 21, 2014

Set Up Your MediaTek Device with Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

As can be seen with the use of MediaTek chips in Android One devices such as the Micromax Canvas A1 and phones from Meizu and Lenovo such as the MX4 and Vibe X2 respectively, devices with MediaTek processors are aplenty in the Android market. Despite a stigma of not being developer friendly or adhering to GPLv2 requirements, recent strides have been made by MediaTek to change this reputation, evidenced by their sponsorship of XDA:DevCon ’14, and releasing the full kernel...

Jimmy McGee · Dec 20, 2014

How to Root Android Wear 5.0.1 Lollipop Devices – XDA TV

The Lollipop update for Android Wear devices has hit the market and people are receiving the update. Here at XDA TV we make a lot of rooting videos. We show you how to root a bunch of devices. So as is usual at XDA, we must root all the things, and a device running Android Wear 5.0.1 Lollipop is no exception! RootJunky presents instructions on how to gain root access on your Lollipop Android Wear device using tools from the...

Samantha · Dec 19, 2014

Github Tutorial App Shows You How to Use… Github

Github can get pretty complicated and using it can become quite daunting, especially for a rookie who’s just getting started. Unfortunately (or fortunately), there aren't too many ways around it in the community-driven open-source development world, particularly if you want to compile a custom recovery, or a ROM or something else from source. So to help you out with all the ins and outs of Github, XDA Recognized Contributor and Themer Vivek_Neel created a Github Tutorial app. Github Tutorial, unlike...

Samantha · Dec 17, 2014

Make Your Own Heat Sink for the LG Optimus 4X HD

It’s not a rare occurrence that performing a resource heavy task on your Android device (e.g. playing a game or multitasking heavily) results in the back of your device getting quite hot due to the heat being generated by the CPU. And without proper or adequate heat distribution, this heat will be most prominent at a certain area of your device’s rear. Strong heat is not the only downside of a hot CPU however, as it can also result in...

Tomek Kondrat · Dec 17, 2014

Learn How to Create an Old School Dialer

XDA is not only a great source for custom ROMs, kernels, and various modifications for numerous devices--it's also a great place to find tutorials and other materials that help you to understand the Android ecosystem better. These resources then help you on your quest of eventually becoming a developer. Every developer started off not knowing how to code, but learning and ambition can work wonders. Creating your first project can take days or weeks if you are learning just by...

Tomek Kondrat · Dec 15, 2014

Enhance Screenshots Functionality by Adding a Delete Button

Screenshots are the best choice for users wishing to show off their current home screens or provide extra detailed bug reports for certain issues to app developers. Android has a built-in screenshot system that allows you to take a shot with a simple key combination. However, the built-in functionality could easily be improved by adding a delete button, because right now you need to open the gallery manually to delete unneeded images. Taking screenshots on Android would be much easier with...

Samantha · Dec 15, 2014

Restore Your Softbricked Moto G after Lollipop Update

Being one of the handful of devices released by when Motorola was still owned by Google, the Moto G has finally been updated to Android 5.0 in the past week through an OTA update and an update leak. As Moto G users are installing and experiencing Lollipop, it’s inevitable that some issues would occur, such as a softbrick, especially with the different variants of the device. So, if you’ve managed to get your Moto G softbricked after updating it, a...

Samantha · Dec 13, 2014

Learn How to Restore Files and Settings with Flashable ZIPs

There’s an absolute treasure trove of mods we can find, access, and play with here on the XDA Forums--each with their own purpose and effects. Some change the aesthetics and cosmetics of your device’s UI, some enhance the utility and practicality of features, and some are just for fun. However, unless provided, there’s really no way of reverting the changes of these effects other than by backing up your entire ROM, such as with Nandroid backups and restoring them, and this...

Samantha · Dec 7, 2014

Relocate the Dalvik Cache to Get More Space on your Moto G with Mod

Having little to no memory left on your Android device is a bummer especially when you’ve already tried cutting down your files, music, videos, photos and apps to only the very bare essentials (which definitely has a wide scope needless to say). For owners of devices without SD card slots, this can be pretty frustrating, and the non-LTE variants of the Moto G is no exception. This is because the internal eMMC storage of the device has an approximately 600MB...

Jimmy McGee · Dec 3, 2014

Root and Bootloader Unlock the Nexus 6 – XDA TV

In this episode, XDA TV Producer TK shows you how to root, unlock the bootloader, and install a custom ROM on the Google Nexus 6. The Nexus 6 is Google’s latest phone with “pure Android,” or at least, "pure Google." So as is usual at XDA, we must root all the things, and the Nexus 6 is no exception! TK presents instructions on how to gain root access on your Nexus 6 using tools from the XDA Developers Forums. The process...

Jimmy McGee · Nov 29, 2014

Write a Batch File and Automate Your Android Commands – XDATV

XDA TV Producer RootJunky has helpfully created a lot of Super Tools. These tools automate the process of unlocking, rooting, and loading various other modifications onto your phone. He has created a Samsung Gear Live Super Tool, a LG G Watch Super Tool and a Moto 360 Super Tool. He has created all of these using batch files. In this episode of XDA TV, RootJunky shows you how to get started with creating a batch file. He helps you set...

Jimmy McGee · Nov 12, 2014

Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Install TWRP – XDA TV

In this episode, XDA TV Producer TK shows you how to root and install TWRP custom recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Note 4 is Samsung’s latest entry in the popular Note lineup. TK recently reviewed the device. So as is usual at XDA, we must root all the things, and the Note 4 is no exception! TK presents instructions on how to gain root access on your Note 4 using tools from the XDA Developers Forums. The process is...

GermainZ · Nov 7, 2014

How to Use a Custom Toolchain for ROMs and Kernels

Toolchains are basically a bundle of development tools that are used in a chain (the output of one tool becomes the input for the next, and so on) in order to compile source code (in this case, ROMs and kernels). While the Android NDK toolchain (which comes with GCC, among other tools) is usually used for this, developers can also use other toolchains if they wish. These can include optimizations focusing on performance or stability, for example. Linaro and SaberMod...

Jimmy McGee · Oct 30, 2014

How to Play Music From Android Wear – XDA TV

Yesterday, we showed you how to do some advanced things with your Moto 360 quite easily with the Moto 360 toolkit. We showed you How to Unlock, Root, and Restore Your Moto 360. Today, we are going to show you another trick with your Android Wear device, that is a little less technical, but not any less useful. In this episode, XDA TV Producer TK show you have to sync music to your Android Wear device. This allows you to...

Jimmy McGee · Oct 29, 2014

How to Unlock, Root, and Restore Your Moto 360 – XDA TV

The Moto 360 is Motorola's latest and roundest release in wearable smartwatch market. Of course as we like to do here on XDA, we want to unlock and root this device. However, given its wireless sync and charging features, doing so is not as simple as it sounds. Luckily, a way has been found! In today's videos, XDA TV Producer and Recognized Contributor RootJunky shows of his Moto 360 Super Tool! This tool can be found on the XDA Forums and...