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orb3000 · Aug 16, 2010

Credit Vodafone and TIM App for Italian Members

Are you an Italian Vodafone/TIM member? If so, probably this application will be of your liking. XDA member savrix85 created this app, so you can receive info about your credit on your Vodafone/TIM SIM (Italy only). With Credito Vodafone/Credito TIM you can directly apply for credit and view your status at the touch of a button, all for free because all the application does is call 404 for you and read the reply message. The developer made this application for...

mic_888 · Aug 13, 2010

Follow Your Team with Premier League Pocket 2010

With the new season of the Premier League almost upon us, there's bound to be football fans out there who'd like to have up to date information on their favourite team at the drop of a hat. Well, XDA developer zorro1981 who has developed apps to follow the F1 and the World Cup, has now, along with Chinubrio, Ivan Musa and Ricardo Fraile, developed Premier League Pocket 2010 for Windows Mobile devices. The app has the following features: Multilanguage VGA, QVGA,...

Ben Elliott · Aug 12, 2010

Anuvadak Updated to Version 1.1.1

Some time ago we drew your attention to the initial release of Anuvadak, a very handy Google-based translation app for Windows Mobile. Since then, the application has matured to version 1.1.1; having been given new features and tweaks along the way. In the newest version of Anuvadak, you'll find support for QVGA, WQVGA and HVGA resolution devices, along with support for Japanese and Korean translation, and the ability to choose a different icon for the application. One of the most...

orb3000 · Aug 9, 2010

Windows 7 Splash Screens & Wallpapers

For those of you that enjoy personalizing to the last detail, what about some new splash screens and wallpapers? XDA member rouzbehali created these ones based on the welcome screen of Windows 7. Splash is designed for Windows Mobile devices with WVGA/VGA resolutions and you can find portrait and landscape. If you like them, please leave feed back and perhaps we can see some more from developer. Originally posted by rouzbehali [VGA] Windows Seven Splash screens & Wallpapers instructions: 1...

orb3000 · Aug 6, 2010

PalmHeroes for WM – Now Free

XDA member pupakota wrote about this famous game, now available for free for Windows Mobile devices. Working on WM 6 and up this game can be played vs computer or play on line with another players. Graphics are working quite smooth on HTC Leo, but it works well on Raphael as well. Originally posted by pupakota PalmHeroes is free now... Game's ppc response for pc HOMM(1-3). Today, it became freeware... For some, it may be good info, for me it...

orb3000 · Aug 4, 2010

Canabalt for WM

Do you like arcade style games?, if so you will enjoy this simple graphics game created by XDA member zarpy. You are running on a city and need to jump onto every building or structure on your way, the more you advance the faster you need to jump to the next one. Beware because some structures can fall during your jump. This game works for WVGA and VGA resolutions. Originally posted by zarpy Canabalt v 2.0 ( fixed version) WVGA...

orb3000 · Jul 29, 2010

Doodle Jump Game for WM in 2 Versions

For those familiar with the games presented by XDA member zarpy, a new one arrived. Based on the iPhone´s game, Doodle Jump is now available for Windows Mobile devices both WVGA and VGA. Presented in two versions, newer v2.0 has some differences such as invisible platforms (which appear just when you jump). Even though the game is in French, you will be able to understand it and play easily. To move ( left / right ) just press the sides...

mic_888 · Jul 28, 2010

mySquare – A Foursquare Client for WM

Windows Mobile device owners who are fans of Foursquare will soon have an alternative to the current WinMoSquare app available, as XDA forum member junalmeida is at the final stages of releasing a beta of mySquare. Features of mySquare include: Using your location to find out nearby places See your friends latest check-ins View tips of places Share you experience with others Explore Foursquare and earn points and badges Use GPS or network fix Integrated with Google Maps mySquare is...

orb3000 · Jul 27, 2010

HTC Sense Weather Color Clouds

Are you in a groovy mood? Imagine if you could change the color of the clouds on Sense/Manila 2.1/2.5. Now, thanks to XDA member hubie, you can do it. Choose between blue, red, orange, yellow and a "special" one to get your weather clouds colored. Easy install/uninstall process for Windows Mobile devices with VGA/WVGA/QVGA resolutions running WM6.5 and up. Originally posted by hubie HTC Sense Wheater Color Clouds [VGA/WVGA/QVGA] HTC Sense Wheater Color Clouds [VGA/WVGA/QVGA] This simply changes the color...

orb3000 · Jul 27, 2010

Notepad Application: NotepadWS

A complete note pad application with nice features like web searching is presented by XDA member xdaid. New version 2.56 has some improvements such as the ability to edit up to four different text files in the same session, switch from one tab to another with just one click, ability to add or remove tool bars at any time, and more. The application will run on Windows Mobile devices with VGA resolutions and over, running WM 5 and up. Originally...

orb3000 · Jul 25, 2010

TF3D Advanced Music Player updated

With this enhancement, created by XDA member Fredz, you will have your TF3D music player more finger friendly and with some new options, like left to right Cover flow, add button to go to the first song of the next album, add button to go to the first song of the next album, amongst others. The updated version 0.33 features new buttons and animation of the album art. Working for Windows Mobile devices with VGA resolutions. Originally posted by Fredz...

orb3000 · Jul 25, 2010

JSPA Program Manager for WM

Another great option to manage your programs (shortcut links) is presented by XDA member Nullstring. The updated version now supports VGA and QVGA resolutions for Windows Mobile devices equipped with screen orientation awareness. Navigate, move, copy, rename, delete, and create new folders are some of the options you have available in this application. Originally posted by Nullstring [APP]JSPA Program Manager 3.1 for Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.5 JSPA Program Manager allows you to manage your programs(shortcut links) in start menu...

orb3000 · Jul 22, 2010

CheckList for WM Updated

This simple and friendly CheckList, created by XDA member Dadi68, received an update to version v2.0. The app now supports Windows Mobile devices with WVGA and VGA resolutions. Some of the features you will find on this application are the possibility to organize by categories, new / modify / delete category, new / modify / delete item, move item to vault / restore item from vault, and more. The developer included a desktop companion (PC application). Originally posted by Dadi68...

egzthunder1 · Jul 17, 2010

MaxSense Updated to Version 1.05

If you have been on XDA for the last year or so, you probably have heard about a Manila/Sense style UI called MaxSense. This beautiful UI replacements allows the user to maximize the use of the Home Screen by providing full customization on the positioning of the widgets. XDA member maxycy has been working on his project for quite some time and has just released a new update, which includes many fixes as well as some new functionality. v1.04/1.05 -...

egzthunder1 · Jul 13, 2010

Resident Evil 5 Project – Help Wanted!

XDA member zarpy has brought us many games for our devices. Games like Gears of War and Kratos Jump among others grace our devices and bring us hours of entertainment. However, this time zarpy needs some help with his latest port. He is the process of bringing Resident Evil 5 for our devices and needs a bit of help with some images. Drop by the dev's thread, and download the demo. Then you can provide feedback as well, so that...

orb3000 · Jul 13, 2010

Tiger Woods Game

Bored from your last meeting? Do you have some spare time before the next one? Then, it´s time for a fast funny game since XDA member zarpy presents us with this game for devices with WVGA and VGA resolutions running on Windows Mobile. Using your stylus to control movements, you play as Tiger Woods running away from ladies trying to get his money. The objective is to reach the golf ball so you can advance in levels. The game has...

WenWM · Jul 12, 2010

Old Pandora App For Reference

Finding a Pandora app for a Windows Phone is as hard is Apple making the most perfect phone, so I thought I should post this for your reference. Pandora has said before that they are jumping off of the Windows Phone ship, and hitting up Android, WebOS, and just about every other OS, but you can still us their old application. The application was made available late last year by XDA member krook6023 and as time went by, the software...

Ben Elliott · Jul 9, 2010

MalaTouch for Windows Mobile Released

XDA member necrotek has released the first version of MalaTouch, a prayer bead counting application for the Windows Mobile platform. Mala is a set of beads used by members of the Hindu and Buddhist faiths for keeping count when performing a religious recital. The app is very easy to use: simply tap the beads for the count to increase by one, with the total resetting at 108 (as is traditional for mala). However, what makes the application truly stand out...

ElCondor · Jul 8, 2010

GTX Sense Updated: Now Compatible with CHT 1.8.5

GTX Sense, one of the most popular themes for HTC Sense, has been updated tonight which includes Co0kiemonster's latest and greatest Cookie's Home Tab 1.8.5. The new version of GTX Sense covers the new music player, shortcuts, and other new features of Cookie's Home Tab. As most of you know, GTX Sense was originally created by XDA members Kamill and me, but due to work related pressure and lack of time, we decided to give the project to a new development...

Ben Elliott · Jul 8, 2010

How to Get the Programs Tab Back on Manila 2.5

One of the most sorely missed features removed from HTC's Manila interface in version 2.5 was the traditional Programs tab. An alternative to the stock Windows Mobile start menu, the tab offered many spaces for 'quick links'  (like those found on the home tab) to your most-used applications. Thankfully, HTC replaced this feature in Manila 2.6, as found in the HTC Qilin ROM. XDA member kimi_sae_ireba has ported this tab for use in the more widely used Sense 2.5 - thereby...