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Tomek Kondrat · Dec 12, 2014

Use Widgets on Your Lock Screen with Widget Pager

To make our devices more efficient, many have turned to the use of widgets. Developers who care about their users often decide to put lots of work into making widgets an integral part of their applications and services. Widgets debuted on Android home screens, but Google later allowed users to use them on their lock screens in certain versions of the platform. In the versions of Android that allow for lock screen widgets, you can ordinarily use only one widget...

Tomek Kondrat · Nov 24, 2014

Easily Toggles Your Lollipop Mobile Data Network Type

Android Lollipop is by good margin the most advanced and refined version of Google's nearly ubiquitous mobile OS. Some features that are now integrated into Lollipop were only available through the use of custom ROMs not too long ago. One feature that was added not too long ago is quick toggles. Lollipop's status bar toggles are great, but they don't offer too many switches. One that many people happen to miss is network mode. To change the network type of your device,...

Tomek Kondrat · Aug 16, 2014

Access Your Widgets in Any App with Flippr

Almost all of us use widgets on daily basis. We use them to change the track in our favorite music player, read Emails, check our calendar, or check the weather forecast. It's really hard to imagine Android without widget support. Widgets with all their pros, have some cons as well. For example, they can typically be accessed only from the home screen. XDA Forum Member sreenisatish decided to change that. Inspired by Paranoid Android's Halo, he made an app that...

Tomek Kondrat · Dec 29, 2013

Hangouts Widget Completes Android’s Most Popular Messenger App

Hangouts is a first-party Google application designed to handle various types of messaging such as Google Talk, and more recently SMS and MMS. Hangouts is the successor the previously popular Google Talk, which it replaced back in August 2013. And right now, it's probably the most popular messenger on Android. Despite being such popular application, Hangouts lacks one major feature: a good widget. Instant access to messages should be a priority, and Google obviously failed to deliver this with decent widget...

Tomek Kondrat · Dec 23, 2013

Event Flow Calendar Widget is a Really Good Looking Calendar Widget

The new year is coming, so it's time to get rid of those pesky wall calendars and find something smaller, more functional, and free. Android devices have essentially become powerful computers, so they are used for a variety of tasks such as music playback, scheduling, telling time, and whatever else you could ask for. That said, stock Android lacks very many good looking widgets, especially for such an important thing as a calendar. XDA Forum Member Syncd made a good...