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WenWM · Apr 1, 2010

S2U2 Updated to V2.34

It has became a weekly thing for A_C to update his applications and this week it's S2U2 turn to be updated. His software is well known in the WVGA and VGA world as one of the most popular lock screen apps. This update brings quite a bit of new features and fixes. If you have yet to run this application on your device(which is highly unlikely) then this new version might be a great step. Changes of v2.34 changed option...

WenWM · Feb 15, 2010

SocialSync a Facebook Sync Utility

Facebook is the largest social network in the world, and one thing that makes it special is the ability to save your number and information on it so that it can be used by 3rd party software, like SocialSync 0.1 by binary64, to update your information in Pocket Outlook. Originally Posted by binary64 Imports (one-way synchonization) your Facebook contacts to your Pocket Outlook. Supports the following sync mappings: Facebook super-sized profile pic --> Outlook Picture Facebook Full Name --> Outlook's...