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egzthunder1 · Jun 7, 2010

Have Your Own Secretary with Mobile Receptionist

If you work for someone, your boss probably has someone hired to do their chores. You know, all those tedious tasks like taking down memos, sending out e-mails, and of course, taking the calls of whoever is trying to get in touch with you. Thanks to XDA member zaijian, anyone with a WM phone can have one. Mobile Receptionist, as its name implies, is a program that handles tasks that are assigned to it. It can do anything from sending...

mic_888 · May 26, 2010

Mute Your Phone and Restore Volume Automatically

Picture the scenario - you have a meeting so you put your phone in silent mode.  You leave the meeting and go about your daily work.  Later when you get home, you realise you have 100 missed calls from your girlfriend/boyfriend and some irate text messages. We've all done it - forgotten to turn up the volume on your Windows Mobile device. XDA member thx1200 has the answer to all your problems - well this one anyway.  Thx1200 has developed...

Ben Elliott · May 18, 2010

Paint Now! Edit Images on the Go on Windows Mobile

A simple image editor like Microsoft Paint always comes in handy when you want to make changes to an image quickly or do a quick sketch without being buried alive under the overwhelming and often unnecessary range of features offered by high-end photoshopping software. XDA member menos has created just such a handy editing tool, but for use on our mobiles. Through the Paint Now! application, you can add shapes, doodles and effects to pictures stored on your Windows Phone...

ElCondor · May 11, 2010

Curs Valutar v1.20

Curs Valutar, created  by XDA developer virgilp, is an application that allows you to convert currencies, such as from USD to EUR. It also shows official exchange rates, automatic updating system and more. Originally posted by virgilp Curs Valutar - exchange rates and currency converter for Windows Mobile, based on the rates provided by the National Bank of Romania. Features Official exchange rates from the National Bank of Romania Currency converter Choice of the displayed currencies Romanian/English interface Automatic/manual update...

Ben Elliott · May 4, 2010

CrimsonLock Updated to v1.18, Now Supports HD2

TrashKalmar's very popular anti-theft app, CrimsonLock, has very recently been updated. Along with critical bug and error fixes, the most important addition to the already mature application is support for the HTC HD2 - a much begged-for addition since the phone became one of the most popular Windows Mobile devices on the market. If you haven't already heard of it, CrimsonLock is designed to maximize the chances of your phone being returned to you in the case of theft. Through...

admin · Apr 19, 2010

iAgenda updated to 0.49

iAgenda is a finger-friendly and easy-to-use alternative to the standard calendar and tasks applications in Windows Mobile. It is developed by ajige and fully skinnable. This update mainly fixes issues with all-day and multi-day appointments, and the marking of tasks as complete or uncomplete on WM 6.5. Further, the settings program has been integrated into the tabbed interface. Originally posted by ajige Since the original developer seems to have abandoned this project, I'm starting a new thread and continuing the...

WenWM · Apr 1, 2010

S2U2 Updated to V2.34

It has became a weekly thing for A_C to update his applications and this week it's S2U2 turn to be updated. His software is well known in the WVGA and VGA world as one of the most popular lock screen apps. This update brings quite a bit of new features and fixes. If you have yet to run this application on your device(which is highly unlikely) then this new version might be a great step. Changes of v2.34 changed option...

admin · Mar 30, 2010

ZLaunchy – T9-like application launcher with dialpad

Usually, launching applications on your phone involves scrolling through lists, if you have many apps installed it's usually difficult to find them unless you organize them in folders. As a solution Microsoft added a search box in the Start menu of its desktop OS since Windows Vista, but Windows Mobile, even with the much-improved honeycomb menu in version 6.5, lacks this feature. Fortunately, wojciechka developed ZLaunchy, which provides exactly this kind of functionality. Originally posted by wojciechka ZLaunchy was written...

WenWM · Mar 30, 2010

My Shopping List V3.41 [PC Companion V2.1]

Shopping is being done more and more online, but for those that still get their shopping done in the store this application can help. My Shopping List has been receiving a lot of updates recently but the latest one comes with the PC counterpart and some software updates. Version History New PC Companion V2.1 Added copy paste, this is done by selecting the row (by clicking or dragging the left side of the row, NOT by the checkbox) than right-click...

wingman1487 · Mar 27, 2010

Stop Watch and Timer All In One

This is a great and simple app that allows you to use your phone as a stop watch and timer!  With this app created by lopez1_de you can have multiple stop watches and timers all running at the same time.  Very simple and well designed UI and extremely nice touch feel. This app runs on a multitude of WinMo operating systems!  From WM5, 6, 6.1, and 6.5.x and just about every screen resolution you can think of.  All you need is...

wingman1487 · Mar 24, 2010

Track Yourself With TrackMe

Ever want to know where you have traveled all day, what path you took on that hike, or what roads you went on during that last road trip?  With this app by _LEM_ you can do that and more. Utilizing GPS or Cell ID information you can track yourself using Google Maps or Google Earth.  Tracking can be done in real time or in pre-recorded modes, and does not require a data connection!  The data can be stored to your...

WenWM · Mar 12, 2010

cleanRAM v1.9.9 Available

CleanRAM, is one of the best applications for Windows Mobile devices with low RAM. The application can clean up the wasted RAM in your device and give you more room for applications to be open. In the new update, the developer brought some very nice new features and enhancements. Originally posted by ronenpg Features: GUI cleaning supported (tested on: TouchFLO3D, HTC Sense ,SPB Mobile Shell, Windows Mobile 6.5 today screen) There are 3 levels of cleaning + personally customized processes...

Noonski · Mar 2, 2010

BattLineSvc V1 / Battery Indicator Line in Title Bar

A battery indicator line is nothing new, these have been around since before Windows Mobile 2003 SE, but most of these run as a process. Back in the days when all you got was Windows Mobile that wouldn't have been much of a problem. But today, there's more simultaneous processes running, using a lot of the 32 available slots for processes. User thx1200's BattLineSvc Battery Indicator Line runs as a service, keeping an extra slot available for an application or...

WenWM · Feb 15, 2010

SocialSync a Facebook Sync Utility

Facebook is the largest social network in the world, and one thing that makes it special is the ability to save your number and information on it so that it can be used by 3rd party software, like SocialSync 0.1 by binary64, to update your information in Pocket Outlook. Originally Posted by binary64 Imports (one-way synchonization) your Facebook contacts to your Pocket Outlook. Supports the following sync mappings: Facebook super-sized profile pic --> Outlook Picture Facebook Full Name --> Outlook's...