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nqnguyen2 · Aug 19, 2010

Tetra Master Game Update

XDA member zyphuris55 released an update for this nostalgic mini-game found in the popular role-playing game Final Fantasy IX. This card game consists of cards that depict various characters with values on them, whereby the values on the card determine the winner. Originally written by zyphuris55 Updates: v0.79.7 Added Wager window (cards only) Added ability to queue duels Added the feature for "Skilled" and "Random" wager skill levels fixed re-duel option removed the "free money" glitch Currently working on: menu for...

orb3000 · Aug 19, 2010

Consult your Balance with Dynamic Operator Name for WM

Are you worried about your monthly balance and will like to continuosly monitor it in an easy way? This useful application presented by XDA member -=(Kad)=- will let you monitor your current balance using USSD on your Windows Mobile device, so you don´t need to consult your carrier´s bill anymore. Running on WM 6 and up this application needs .Net 3.5+ to work properly. The developer translated the app to English and also you can find it in Russian. Originally...

egzthunder1 · Aug 6, 2010

Old School Football Manager for WM

Many people nowadays are getting nostalgic and want to relive their youth and childhood memories through technology. This has fueled many devs to port old style games from arcades, consoles like the SNES and GameBoy, even from the PC (Doom, Quake, among others). XDA member sesonet decided that he wanted to re-create a game that used to exist for the Commodore 64 (C64). Football Manager allows you to control pretty much every aspect of managing your team and making sure...

orb3000 · Aug 6, 2010

PalmHeroes for WM – Now Free

XDA member pupakota wrote about this famous game, now available for free for Windows Mobile devices. Working on WM 6 and up this game can be played vs computer or play on line with another players. Graphics are working quite smooth on HTC Leo, but it works well on Raphael as well. Originally posted by pupakota PalmHeroes is free now... Game's ppc response for pc HOMM(1-3). Today, it became freeware... For some, it may be good info, for me it...

orb3000 · Aug 4, 2010

Hit the Kitty for WM

Another funny game for those of you who let your kids play with your expensive toys, or if you simply are an 80´s child - is presented by XDA member savrix85. The game features two modes (Arcade and Time Attack), where you have to hit down the kitties when showing on the window to advance to the next levels of the game. You can set on easy, medium, or hard as well as adjusting the duration in seconds. The game...

orb3000 · Aug 1, 2010

Meditation Timer for WM

This timer, created by XDA member Toolmaker was specially made for those who regularly do meditation. Set the desired time and forget about everything. Timer will let you know with a soft relaxing tone when the previously set time has expired, so you can leave that activity and slowly return to every day world. Created on a Rhodium, this application works on Windows Mobile devices running 6 and up with WVGA resolution. Originally posted by Toolmaker [APP] Meditation Timer [v0.1...

mic_888 · Jul 28, 2010

mySquare – A Foursquare Client for WM

Windows Mobile device owners who are fans of Foursquare will soon have an alternative to the current WinMoSquare app available, as XDA forum member junalmeida is at the final stages of releasing a beta of mySquare. Features of mySquare include: Using your location to find out nearby places See your friends latest check-ins View tips of places Share you experience with others Explore Foursquare and earn points and badges Use GPS or network fix Integrated with Google Maps mySquare is...

egzthunder1 · Jul 27, 2010

Run Programs by Name with WinMoRun

While there are a few ways to run applications in Windows Mobile, many people have always missed the good old fashioned Start>Run in Windows. XDA member theq86 has just released the first version of his program, which basically cures your nostalgia. It is a run tool that allows you to start any application installed on your device by typing its name. This is particularly useful for when the app in question has no icons or shortcuts. The app currently works...

orb3000 · Jul 19, 2010

Application Launcher: AppGrouper

For Windows Mobile devices still using WM6 or 6.1, XDA member MacDegger presents this app launcher as an alternative to the scroll list ones. You have the chance to put in your preferred background. Designed with simple graphics, this tool will let you organize your most used programs. This tool was tested on Blackstone but should work for other WVGA resolution devices as well. Originally posted by MacDegger [APP][2010/07/02]AppGrouper, a simple catagorised app launcher Hi! I'm a longtime lurker, ever...

egzthunder1 · Jul 16, 2010

Titanium Weather Updated for WVGA Resolutions

There are a large number of UIs out there. Most of them feature different plugins, which gives them more functionality. Windows Titanium, which showed up a couple of years ago with the introduction of Windows Mobile 6 in our lives has been a paramount pedestal of development for a while (not only skinning, but to make it do more than what Microsoft originally intended for it). XDA member sv0911 has just updated the infamous weather panels (based on the work by...

orb3000 · Jun 29, 2010

iperov’s Pocket Guitar

Some time ago, XDA member iperov presented this application to play a guitar on your Windows Mobile device. It is a very fun application and it comes with 2 good skins, which make it very easy to use. The app works on WM5 and up and it has been tested on QVGA resolutions, but it should work with others as well. The developer shows this fun music application following the successful work of Omniano. Originally posted by iperov iperov's Pocket...

mic_888 · Jun 25, 2010

ShellSwitcher for Winmo

If you own a Windows Mobile device and prefer to use a shell system, but like to mix it up for a bit of variety, ShellSwitcher could be the app for you. XDA forum member s_v_l recently updated his ShellSwitcher app to to version 1.0.3. The app is a system utility, which allows you to easily switch between shells, including the ever popular SPB Mobile Shell, Touch Flo 3D, HTC Sense, PointUI Home 2, plus others. Originally posted by s_v_l: ShellSwitcher...

orb3000 · Jun 21, 2010

World Cup 2010 WP7 Style Application

The 2010 World Cup has been keeping people very interested around the world, and many developers have presented their applications to be informed about its progress while on the move. This time we´ll speak about a Windows Phone 7 themed application presented by XDA member Spoofy. The UI has been carefully detailed to fit a WP7 look, nice and fluid graphics will let you navigate through different tabs like News, groups list, country and group detailed statistics, calendar, and players bio...

orb3000 · Jun 12, 2010

LateReader: WM Read It Later Updated

Read It Later has over 2 million users and till now we don´t have it for Windows Mobile devices. So, XDA member vizier developed this application which allows you to read, search or sort your lists. You can also use the Read It Later web browser plugins for adding items to your list. Save your pages to your device, read at work, home, on the move even without an internet connection. This application has been tested on Leo and Blackstone...

orb3000 · Jun 11, 2010

RadarFree for Pocket PC

RadarFree, by XDA member najhouse, will be your perfect companion when traveling around Europe, it will alert you as you approach traffic cameras or warn you in case of an accident. This app, initially developed for the apple phone, is now available for free for Windows Mobile devices. Some of the features include distance between vehicle and camera, speed limit, real-time mobile cameras in Europe, and a database with more than 18000 fixed speed cameras. Working on Windows Mobile 5...

Ben Elliott · Jun 9, 2010

Chart Personal Journeys with LiteTrack

As his first contribution to the XDA community, member xdaid has created a very useful application which makes the most of your Windows Phone's GPS capabilities. LiteTrack allows you to record and store paths and journeys as you take them; ready for playing back when you want to take the same route again. Such a function is ideal for someone who frequently travels 'off the map' with regard to traditional GPS mapping applications. For example, a much-enjoyed walking route is...

mic_888 · Jun 2, 2010

Follow the World Cup on your Winmo Device

Get ready for the World Cup and follow your team's progress in South Africa with World Cup 2010! XDA forum member otherworld has released version 1.1 of  World Cup 2010 for Winmo users.  The main screen shows a countdown to the World Cup with three tabs showing your team, the tournament stage including latest news and today's fixtures. All dates, match times and details are already loaded in the application, which results in no data connection being required initially.  However, once...

mic_888 · May 26, 2010

Mute Your Phone and Restore Volume Automatically

Picture the scenario - you have a meeting so you put your phone in silent mode.  You leave the meeting and go about your daily work.  Later when you get home, you realise you have 100 missed calls from your girlfriend/boyfriend and some irate text messages. We've all done it - forgotten to turn up the volume on your Windows Mobile device. XDA member thx1200 has the answer to all your problems - well this one anyway.  Thx1200 has developed...

Ben Elliott · May 21, 2010

RPG Friend Makes Rolling Dice Easier

Have you ever had a burning urge to play Dungeons and Dragons in the middle of the night, but been afraid that the uncontrollable clatter of the dice rolling might wake up an angry neighbour? Have you ever been dismayed at a friend's house to find that their Monopoly set has been rendered completely unplayable due to the lack of a small white cube? If the answer either question was "yes", then read on... Starbuzz's RPG Friend application eliminates the...

Ben Elliott · May 18, 2010

Paint Now! Edit Images on the Go on Windows Mobile

A simple image editor like Microsoft Paint always comes in handy when you want to make changes to an image quickly or do a quick sketch without being buried alive under the overwhelming and often unnecessary range of features offered by high-end photoshopping software. XDA member menos has created just such a handy editing tool, but for use on our mobiles. Through the Paint Now! application, you can add shapes, doodles and effects to pictures stored on your Windows Phone...