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Ben Elliott · Aug 22, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Style Boot Animation

The excitement (amid other emotions) about the imminent release of Windows Phone 7 has inspired a vast range of themes and skins, which give your device the look and feel of the new operating system. As the developer's first contribution to the site, XDA member Nevralgeek has created both a static splash screen and boot animation in the style of Windows Phone 7, which will either help you to theme more of your phone's software in this style or to complete...

nqnguyen2 · Aug 21, 2010

AmazonIt! Barcode Application Update v1.1

These days everyone could use a little help to shop smart. Last month, XDA member zaijian released AmazonIt!, a useful barcode application that shows Amazon.com prices and ratings. This application makes it easier to compare prices and enables researching while away from a computer. Since then, zaijian has been working hard to develop AmazonIt! into a better application. This latest version features more user-friendliness, touch-scrolling, manual barcode input, and a slew of bug fixes. Originally posted by zaijian Requirements Windows...

orb3000 · Aug 8, 2010

Swype 3.9, Skin GTX Style

As we all know, the GTX UI is very popular and many applications have been skinned to fit on the same style. Now, XDA Member Mr. Makk presents a nice skin for swipe keyboard. Despite this being the first release and as developer says "there is room for a lot of improvement but it will be done one by one", this nice skin is worth to try, and if you like it please leave feedback so future versions can be...

orb3000 · Jul 27, 2010

HTC Sense Weather Color Clouds

Are you in a groovy mood? Imagine if you could change the color of the clouds on Sense/Manila 2.1/2.5. Now, thanks to XDA member hubie, you can do it. Choose between blue, red, orange, yellow and a "special" one to get your weather clouds colored. Easy install/uninstall process for Windows Mobile devices with VGA/WVGA/QVGA resolutions running WM6.5 and up. Originally posted by hubie HTC Sense Wheater Color Clouds [VGA/WVGA/QVGA] HTC Sense Wheater Color Clouds [VGA/WVGA/QVGA] This simply changes the color...

orb3000 · Jul 27, 2010

Touchflo Styled Slider for Sense/Manila 2.5

Are you nostalgic and want to add a retro style to your Windows Mobile device?, XDA member knots created a slider for Manila/Sense 2.5 based on touchflo3D 2.0 black and white one. All icons are present on this "classic style" slider that will give your UI a different look for your device. Please report any bugs to the developer, so they can be fixed. Originally posted by knots [SLIDER] Touchflo styled slider for Sense/manila 2.5 Hello all, I've created a...

orb3000 · Jul 26, 2010

Analog Clocks Collection for CHT Updated

More than 126 analog clocks are presented by XDA member whiskeybro. This big collection has many different designs to personalize your Windows Mobile device's home screen using the famous Cookie Home Tab. The developer's updated work includes some clocks for CHT version 1.8. Step in and select your design! Originally posted by wiskeybro pdated Whiskeybro's Analog Clocks Collection for Co0kie's Home Tab 26 clocks My contribution to modify Cookie's briliant Home Tab with some analog clocks. I saw plenty great new...

orb3000 · Jul 17, 2010

“New Set” Variation of Bluemetalaxe’s iReflect Icons

3 months ago XDA moderator egzthunder1 wrote an article about this great set of new icons. Now, XDA member drew2000 presents an update to this great collection. A variation of Bluemetalaxe original icons set: 123 new icons with a new shape will give your Windows Mobile device a new look. Step in and have a look to developers work. Originally posted by drew2000 "New Set" Variation of Bluemetalaxe's iReflect icons "New Set" variation is found in post #4 below................................. Black...

orb3000 · Jul 16, 2010

Alarms and Ringtones of WP7

Every day we find more interesting stuff coming from WP7. This time, XDA member bugsykoosh extracted the sounds for alarms and ring-tones of the upcoming Windows Phone 7 from the latest emulator. The sounds were extracted from a video, and on the compressed zip file you can find more than 20 new sound files for your Windows Mobile device. Originally posted by bugsykoosh The Alarms and Ringtones of Windows Phone 7 Here are the alarms and ringtones from Windows Phone...

orb3000 · Jul 14, 2010

Animated Backgrounds for Sense/Manila

Now that other platforms are presenting great animated backgrounds, Windows Mobile users wonder if they can have them too. Thanks to the work of XDA member whiskeybro, we now have some for WM as well. On this first stage of development, more than eleven different animated backgrounds are available for sense 2.5 only and have been tested on Leo with WVGA resolution, but should work for other devices with similar specifications. Originally posted by wiskeybro My animated backgrounds for sense 2.5(31-3-2010)...

WenWM · Jul 14, 2010

Lets Begin: GTX Icons

GTX seems to be one of many hit mods that have been developed in our forums this year. In a very recent post by XDA member fjompa , the dev asks to begin development on GTX Icons. Now, while some people not familiar with the whole concept of GTX this might seem weird, but this famous theme has extensions in just about everything from lock screens to sms packages. The original poster only has one icon, but I am sure...

egzthunder1 · Jul 14, 2010

Get Fit with 100 Pushups for WM

Some of you may be familiar with the iPhone app known as 100 Pushups. Basically, this app is a workout program that will guide you through a 6 week training program to achieve one goal, and that is to be able to perform 100 push-ups. If you are back into Windows Mobile and definitely miss this app, XDA member Gaz25 has the solution for you since he started a project to port the app. 100 Pushups is currently in early...

orb3000 · Jul 13, 2010

Tiger Woods Game

Bored from your last meeting? Do you have some spare time before the next one? Then, it´s time for a fast funny game since XDA member zarpy presents us with this game for devices with WVGA and VGA resolutions running on Windows Mobile. Using your stylus to control movements, you play as Tiger Woods running away from ladies trying to get his money. The objective is to reach the golf ball so you can advance in levels. The game has...

orb3000 · Jul 12, 2010

KD-Font, Change Fonts in WM/Sense

For those of us always looking for ways to personalize our phones, this application is very handy. XDA member kliptik presents this interesting tool to completely change the fonts on your device. Suitable for WM 6 and up and for devices running Sense(TF3D) Build 2.1 and higher. The application can be installed on SD cards and it´s fully uninstallable, just be sure to back up your original fonts. Originally posted by kliptik [APP] [RELEASE] KD-Font [v1.0] [07/07/10] KD-Font KD-Font will...

Ben Elliott · Jul 9, 2010

MalaTouch for Windows Mobile Released

XDA member necrotek has released the first version of MalaTouch, a prayer bead counting application for the Windows Mobile platform. Mala is a set of beads used by members of the Hindu and Buddhist faiths for keeping count when performing a religious recital. The app is very easy to use: simply tap the beads for the count to increase by one, with the total resetting at 108 (as is traditional for mala). However, what makes the application truly stand out...

orb3000 · Jul 8, 2010

Custom List View Start Menu Black & White Fonts

XDA member jquill presents this cab to make your start menu display programs in list view. This mod also allows you to choose the font color switching between black and white. The developer tested this application in a Leo running Windows Mobile 6.5.x with WVGA resolution.  Step in and have a look to this new way of placing your start menu icons. Originally posted by jquill [cab] Custom List View Start menu for 6.5.x - Black Font & White Font...

orb3000 · Jul 7, 2010

Animated Boot Screens WP7 Style

More boot screens with the Windows Phone 7 style are presented by XDA member emse_186, now updated to cover all resolutions. Blue, orange, black and green can be found in different combinations like the black version original logo without sound, green version with sound, and orange without sound just to mention some. Step in and choose one of this great boot screens for your Windows Mobile device. Unfortunately, the developer decided to stop working on this project. Originally posted by emse_186...

orb3000 · Jul 7, 2010

WM6.5.3 Android Themes

If you are interested in having an Android theme on your Windows Mobile device, then this work presented by XDA member kenchan2009 will be of your liking. The developer started out making other themes for Titanium, and this time he has made one for Android, which includes the same graphic quality and is fully integrated. KenChan Android V2.5 is for WM6.5.3 with WVGA and VGA resolutions, and can be found in English and Chinese. Originally posted by kenchan2009 [Theme]WM6.5.3 Android...

Ben Elliott · Jul 6, 2010

Huashan Phone Canvas Ported to VGA

Having a functional yet visually appealing phone canvas (dialer) has long been a major issue in the world of VGA ROMs. Those with video call capabilities are often aesthetically outdated or come with layout bugs, while the prettier updates from newer VGA devices often don't take advantage of your phone's funcionality. Recently, XDA member WoZZeR999 (along with several other XDA members) successfully ported the phone canvas from the leaked HTC Huashan ROM to VGA resolution devices. The new dialer offers the much...

orb3000 · Jul 4, 2010


Tired of the same old UI on SMS? Don't worry because we have some options floating around just for you. This time, XDA member iambenz made this nice UI SMS interface with a modern attractive look based on the work of XDA member yxyn. This UI is multi resolution and will work on Windows Mobile devices running 6.5 and up. Originally posted by iambenz original post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=614131 Thanks yxyn shares this great idea! This post is made by me, Benz. Hope you...

orb3000 · Jul 3, 2010

Alienguise UI for QVGA-WQVGA Devices

When talking about UIs for replacing WM/Manila, there are many tastes and styles on designs, XDA member ludo925 shows this alien styled theme for SPB Mobile Shell version 3.5.3 and up for Windows Mobile devices with QVGA-WQVGA resolutions. This UI will completely replace WM UI giving a different space look. Despite it being a first release, the developer mentioned that some updates and improvements will come soon. Check the thread often since the download link will be up as soon as possible. Originally...