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Windows 7 Theme for WAD2 Updated


Imagine having Windows Seven on your mobile, the same way you access to menus, play music, etc. XDA member rajivshahi has updated this great WAD 2 theme to get W7 look on your Windows Mobile device. Updated version works on portrait and landscape and it has added more resolutions: VGA, WVGA and QVGA.
The developer included a short video on how to install, just be sure to choose the right resolution and follow instructions.

Originally posted by rajivshahi
Windows 7 theme ( wad 2) Portrait and Landscape 50000+ Download.

Hi finally complete windows 7 theme for vga screen device….both portrait and landscape are some screen shots of the real theme….

Big Thanx to my freind Brunoiso10 for h

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Two-Way In-Call Recording on HD2 Fixed!


A common complaint with the HD2’s in-built call recording software is that it is incapable of recording both sides of the conversation effectively. Luckily, XDA forumer korand found a handy tip while browsing another site.

To activate two-way in-call recording, simply change the following registry key in your phone:


Registry editing can be done through programs such as Total Commander and Resco Registry Editor. However, you must ensure that you only change the mentioned key as altering other keys could potentially make your device unusable.

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Improve your HD2’s Keyboard


Having a 4.3″ touchscreen on your phone can come at a cost, and usually, that cost is the lack of a hardware keyboard. While this isn’t a problem for all of us, serial texters and word-processor addicts definitely suffer from being forced to use an on-screen keyboard like that found on the HTC HD2.

Although the HD2 features capacitive technology like the iPhone, many claim that the latter has a far superior typing experience. According to XDA member boogiecornejo, this is all due to ineffective key spacing on the HD2, and the developer has created an unique solution to prove this.

By editing the virtual position of every single key, boogiecornejo has succeeded where HTC seemingly failed, in creati. . . READ ON »

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MMTaskManager v2.0 Now Available

Although there is a lot of competition in the field of task managers for Windows Mobile, XDA member Maximus.Mobile has always tried to make MMTaskManager stand out by keeping things simple. The menus are clear and the application itself is easy to navigate, with large and finger-friendly buttons making performing tasks an easy process.
The developer has recently updated the application to version 2.0 and, since we last wrote about it, many things have changed. First and foremost, the overall stability of the application has been improved through the reduction of bugs and the refinement of code. Multi-language and AppToDate support are recent introductions to the application, and the application now r. . . READ ON »
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Orange Street Theme for HTC Sense Released


XDA members m0bmentality and conantroutman have been hard at work on creating the new TroutMobs Orange Street theme for HTC Sense (Manila 2.5), which is a refreshing and bright take on the sometimes-boring default look for your Windows Mobile device.

The team behind the theme has successfully skinned almost all of what’s visible on-screen, claiming to have edited over 1300 components. Also included, are original wallpapers (with weather-specific wallpapers promised) and an exclusive action screen, which complements the theme’s feel.

You can give the theme a try yourself by heading to the project thread and downloading the correct .cabs and .rars from the first posts.. . . READ ON »

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Transparent Background When Switching Tabs in Sense


Since the evolution of HTC’s TouchFLO interface into ‘Sense’ with the introduction of the Android and Windows Mobile 6.5 platforms, this site has gained even more support for tweaks and modifications to how the home-screen replacement looks and behaves.

Although posted a few months ago, XDA user antoniomistretta (with help from degake) has found a way to remove the dark background that is shown when you swipe your finger to change tabs in Sense for Windows Mobile. As many users appreciate a transparent look in various aspects of their phone’s operating system, this tweak is sure to appeal to some of the XDA community.

To install the modification, simply download the .cab from the m. . . READ ON »

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Wallpaper Changer – WaPaC for WM Updated


In case you have not seen it already, XDA member Rapid81 has updated WaPaC for Windows Mobile devices to version 1.4, leaving it´s beta statefrom previous versions. Some of the upgrades, fixes, and features present on the first stable version are: no maximum files number anymore, change NOW interface added to select, now the settings app shows the next time of the schedule, random and continuously change setting added, amongst many others.

Originally posted by Rapid81
[UPDATE 06/07/2010][APP]Wallpaper Changer – WaPaC 1.4

Wallpaper Changer – WaPaC 1.4
Created by Rapid

I created a wallpaper changer application (WaPaC), to the scheduled wallpaper changing on WM’s Today and on Sense.

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Mobile Finance v1.0 for WM


XDA member joeylicc presents this application for stocks with all the HTC Sense interface style. You can add or remove stocks, see detailed information, schedule for downloading the latest info, all in all same features as the original Sense Stocks tab, but now you can install it by separate to your Windows Mobile device.

Originally posted by joeylicc

[App] Mobile Finance v1.2

I have created a simple stock quote application with HTC Sense Interface Style.
It’s basically a port of the HTC Sense Stock application.
All suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you very much eboelzner shared his Sense Interface SDK.
This application is built upon Sense Interface SDK.

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Everal Threaded Email for COM3

Threaded Email 23529

From the infinite knowledge base of XDA, we found this application for older Windows Mobile devices. XDA member everal posted a few months ago about threaded email for non native builds (23102, 28xxx, and many others…).

After installing this application, you will be able to have threaded email as the newer COM builds. It is very important that you kill “tmail.exe” before installing.

Originally posted by everal

Everal Threaded Email for com3, awmd and other branches…


here is my second project.

Theaded Email function is only included in newer builds, like “23529” from the com5 branch…

With this Addon you can include “Threaded Email” for no

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