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orb3000 · Aug 3, 2010

Theme HTC1 Concept for Throttle Launcher

New themes are always welcomed by our community. In this case, XDA member Danni3 presents this well designed new theme for Windows Mobile devices. For those bored with Sense, this new theme is based on the HTC1 concept by Andrew Kim. Working on WVGA and WQVGA resolution devices running 6.5 and up, this project is on early development so expect some bugs and if you like it please leave feedback to developer. Originally posted by Danni3 [PRJ] [THEME][Throttle Launcher] HTC1...

mic_888 · Jul 28, 2010

mySquare – A Foursquare Client for WM

Windows Mobile device owners who are fans of Foursquare will soon have an alternative to the current WinMoSquare app available, as XDA forum member junalmeida is at the final stages of releasing a beta of mySquare. Features of mySquare include: Using your location to find out nearby places See your friends latest check-ins View tips of places Share you experience with others Explore Foursquare and earn points and badges Use GPS or network fix Integrated with Google Maps mySquare is...

orb3000 · Jul 5, 2010

TouchPal Keyboard Skins

For those members who already use the paid application TouchPal, this piece of news will be of your linking. XDA member drew2000 just updated this enormous skin/theme keyboard collection. Windows Mobile users will find more than 7 different styles to choose from. All resolutions are supported on the developer's work. Originally posted by drew2000 TouchPal Keyboard Skins WVGA, VGA Here is the link for TouchPal 4.0 it isn't free but it is a fantastic keyboard, you can try for free...

egzthunder1 · Jun 21, 2010

ThrottleLock Goes 3D in Version 0.9

Not too long ago, we published an article on an Android type of locker for WM. XDA member APBilbo just updated ThrottleLock to version 0.9, but aside from the fact that it has tweaks and improvements for speed, this one in particular adds to new functions, neither of which you will find in any other locker app. The first one is that it allows the user to "peek" at the home screen, while disabling the touchscreen. In other words, you can...

orb3000 · Jun 17, 2010

Sketch Theme for SPB MS 3.5.3

We all know our devices are not for kids, but if you have any and they love to play with your expensive "toy", this theme created by XDA member doc3000 will be loved by your young ones. Basic drawing, simplicity, some animals and a light blue background are the key components of this original theme for your Windows Mobile device. Working for WQVGA, WVGA, VGA, and QVGA resolutions. Included are several widgets for your home screen, like the elephant. Originally...

Ben Elliott · Jun 9, 2010

Scare your Friends with iBrokeWM

There are already similar apps for the iPhone and for Android, but this is the first of its kind I've seen for Windows Mobile. iBrokeWM, created by XDA member Corwin9S, is a small and fun application that gives a Windows Phone the appearance of being heart-breakingly wrecked. The app simply places an overlay on the display and makes it look like smashed glass. Using the app you can have hours of fun watching your HD2-owning friends squirm as they return to the...

Ben Elliott · Jun 4, 2010

Theme your HTC Volume Control

Both XDA members degake and hazzahex have separately developed modifications for the popular Volume Control app found on recent HTC ROMs, which allow you to change the colour of the volume bars and buttons to something more interesting. Degake's modifications (as seen on the right) include metallic shading and lighting and also feature an interesting 'dot' effect for the volume bars, which brings a very different look to the control. These modifications are available in any colour you like. Meanwhile, hazzahex...

orb3000 · May 27, 2010

Transparent Simple Icons Updated

We have a slew of options available to personalize our Windows Mobile devices. In an effort to add more tools to customize our devices,  XDA member drew2000 updated his great icon collection thread with more than 250 icons to choose from. This time, he has included transparent icons with resolution of 128x118, which is meant to give the device a more simplistic look without any high-end graphics. You can also find GTX Style, iReflect Cubed, and TouchPal Keyboard Skins as...

ElCondor · May 25, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Styled Lock Screen for WM

With the introduction of the new Windows Phone 7 OS, certain applications have been popping up throughout the different XDA forums. Now, XDA developer xda2_haseeb has created a lock screen for Windows Mobile that mimics the look of the WP7 lock screen. Although it's in beta stage, the application already has some nice features, including support for all resolutions. Originally posted by xda2_haseeb Animations on Locking and Unlocking Bluetooth & Wifi On Notification Icons Displays Time, Day & Date. Shows Unread SMS, Missed Calls Count &...

ElCondor · May 20, 2010

Easy Today Launcher: Launcher Plugin for Windows Mobile

Many users prefer the more complex user interface plugins, such as HTC Sense and SPB Mobile Shell, you might just enjoy a light-weight today plugin, which can perform just as well. This new today plugin enables you to launch applications directly from the Windows Mobile today screen. The application was created by XDA member loffactory, and it is compatible with most touchscreen Windows Mobile devices. Originally posted by Loffactory Easy Today Launcher is a today Plug-In lets you add shortcuts...

Ben Elliott · May 4, 2010

CrimsonLock Updated to v1.18, Now Supports HD2

TrashKalmar's very popular anti-theft app, CrimsonLock, has very recently been updated. Along with critical bug and error fixes, the most important addition to the already mature application is support for the HTC HD2 - a much begged-for addition since the phone became one of the most popular Windows Mobile devices on the market. If you haven't already heard of it, CrimsonLock is designed to maximize the chances of your phone being returned to you in the case of theft. Through...

admin · Apr 20, 2010

iPhoneToday Updated to 1.52

Since xda-member tronikos took over the development of iPhoneToday, which was originally created by MiToNiOeS, it has received many fresh updates which greatly improved the usability and speed of this application. The recent updates include: Improved scrolling and animation performance New animation effects when launching an app Tile-able background images Different backgrounds for static bottom/top bars Notifications appear immediately and cause no battery drain Custom font settings Several other bugfixes and improvements Continue on to the application thread for a...

Ben Elliott · Apr 10, 2010

Take the Dusk Theme one Step Further

If you're a fan of the original Dusk theme for Manila, or have just started using the Dusk EVO theme for WVGA devices, it might irritate you that not everything on your device is skinned the same way. Luckily, some of our members have developed themes for popular applications that mirror the Dusk look and feel. Spigot has created a 3G-enabled WVGA dialer that integrates fully with Manila 2.5. There are several versions available with different color schemes, (a higher...

Ben Elliott · Apr 9, 2010

GPS Weather Radar V2.4 Available

Avs777's very cool real-time weather monitoring app, GPS Weather Radar, has just received an update. The application detects the user's whereabouts using either GPS data or by calculating the location from nearby cell towers, then downloads the most recent satellite and radar images of the weather in that area, giving a real-time prediction of how the climate will change in the next few hours. The information shown by the app can now be set to update regularly, ensuring that it...

admin · Mar 30, 2010

ZLaunchy – T9-like application launcher with dialpad

Usually, launching applications on your phone involves scrolling through lists, if you have many apps installed it's usually difficult to find them unless you organize them in folders. As a solution Microsoft added a search box in the Start menu of its desktop OS since Windows Vista, but Windows Mobile, even with the much-improved honeycomb menu in version 6.5, lacks this feature. Fortunately, wojciechka developed ZLaunchy, which provides exactly this kind of functionality. Originally posted by wojciechka ZLaunchy was written...

wingman1487 · Mar 22, 2010

GPS Weather Radar

If you travel a lot and knowing the weather is a must for you, or you just like to check up from time to time and know what the weather radar looks like, then you should take a look at this app.  Created by avs777 a little while ago, this app is a great addition to your WinMo app list. The app supports a wide variety of WinMo phones only requiring that you have WinMo 6 or higher and NETCF 3.5.  Don't have a touch...

admin · Mar 22, 2010

iReflect – high-quality iPhone-style icons

Whether you like the iPhone or not, the application icons do look great, as they all have the same squared shape with rounded corners and a nice gloss effect. So, xda-member bluemetalaxe has created a nice set of iPhone-style icons, consisting of 469 individual, hand-made icons, thus covering most of the more popular apps. Continue on to the forum thread for the download and instructions on how to implement the icons.

mic_888 · Mar 17, 2010

F1 Pocket 2010 v2.0

The first race of the season has just finished in Bahrain, but don't worry, you can follow the rest of the Formula 1 season on your Windows Mobile phone with zorro1981's F1 Pocket 2010 v2.0 app! (Graphical interface by chinubrio). Currently available in English, French, Italian and German, you can select your language preference when you start the app, zorro1981 has hinted at 4 new languages in the next version. The opening page of the app shows the location and...

admin · Mar 11, 2010

OpenMobileMaps v1.2 – finger-friendly maps application

As an alternative to Google Maps, xda-member Cipher is developing a new, finger-friendly app called OpenMobileMaps. OpenMobileMaps uses data provided by OpenStreetMap.org, an opensource initiative which is made by people like you and me and allows you to use a free, editable world map. Originally posted by Cipher Features: showing map in fullscreen finger friendly user interface map tiles are automatically downloaded if internet connection is available map tiles are stored locally for offline use GPS support and GSM triangulation...

WenWM · Mar 7, 2010

Slide2Send 0.8 beta Available

Slide2Send has been in development for some time now, and in this recently updated version some new features are added. The newest version was released on the 4th of March, it includes some bugfixes and conversation view was added. That's not all, there are more things that were added to the new update and you can see them all below. Originally posted by mb286 The latest version is 0.8 beta This version has the following: conversation mode, this currently works...