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WenWM · Feb 28, 2010

WMM Notes0.5.1 Available

Some users might feel WMM Notes has been going without an update for too long, the developer has decided to put an end to that and released a new version. The popular note taking application got updated just a few days ago and brings some pretty welcome changes. Originally posted by sirus Application for quick notes. v0.5 - translated and color-coordinated color dialog - copy, cut and paste with stylus - add and remove pages - added font style -...

WenWM · Feb 27, 2010

My Shopping List V1.81 Available

Shopping for Windows Mobile users has not been the same since the release of My Shopping List. This application is developed by amirdt, and in the most recent update, it brought some new and improved features. Originally posted by Amirdt Well, there are already several shopping list apps, but I didn't find one that does what I want, so I wrote this one. Main features: Finger friendly Ability to save lists Ability to copy items from list to list Multilanguage...

admin · Feb 26, 2010

XTask: Finger-Friendly and Powerful Task Manager

There are many task managers available for Windows Mobile, for example the stock HTC task manager. Unfortunately most of these do not work with the new 6.5.3 builds, where the Start button is located at the bottom. For this reason, Chinagb has developed a new finger-friendly task manager, which also adds many nice features. Originally posted by soma900 (who maintains the thread for the developer) Compatibilities Support all WM versions (WM2003, WM5, WM6.1, WM6.5, WM6.5.x). Support all screen resolutions (QVGA,...