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egzthunder1 · Nov 20, 2010

CRT Fade Animation for WM

XDA member Jaxbot brings us this interesting mod for WM 6.5 and up. Recently, we have seen some very interesting videos and screenshots of the new and upcoming Android OS version 2.3, aka Gingerbread. One of the latest ones involves an animation during the screen turn off. Basically, the new animation will make it look like the old TVs and monitors where the image collapses into a flat line through the center of the screen and then into a point....

egzthunder1 · Nov 19, 2010

HD2 Android Fixes for Orientation and Screen Calibration

Lots of development have happened over the last few months since Android first graced the WVGA screen of the HD2. New kernels, ports, more functionality, you name it, everything has been done to get this OS as functional as possible. However, there were a few bugs still pending, which were quite annoying. One of the biggest ones is the fact that the device would hang (more specifically the touchscreen would freeze for a little while) due to the orientation sensor....

orb3000 · Nov 19, 2010

GPS: LocationAlarm for WM

XDA member brandi presents LocationAlarm for Windows Mobile devices. This particular alarm application with a nice UI design can wake you or notify based on location and not in alarm time, it will also let you know if you are out of signal for 10 minutes or more. Available in English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian languages. It can run with GPS and Triangulation as well. Working on WM 6.5 and up for WVGA resolutions, but should work on...

orb3000 · Nov 16, 2010

Co0kie’s Home Tab v2.0.0 – Final Released WM

XDA member Co0kieMonster, famous for this incredible add on for Manila, has presented today the final version 2.0. Features like SMS and email notification shortcuts will jump to CHT widgets, option to disable non-edit mode popup menu, new option to make toggle switch turn on bluetooth in discoverable mode, new option for original flip clock animation, updated chtstate v1.08g, changed tab and state links are no longer part of the base CHT cab - available as add-ons and fixed phone...

orb3000 · Nov 8, 2010

NotepadWS for WM updated

XDA member xdaid presents an update to NotepadWS for Windows Mobile devices. The application is a great note pad option with tabs, web search, and not memory hungry. Features like edit up to four different text files in the same session, switch from one tab to another with just one click, external clipboard functions added and the ability to add or remove tool bars at any time are some of the changes found on version 2.7. Each tab has its...

orb3000 · Nov 3, 2010

Android Loader v5.0 Final for HD2

We know there are many Android bootloaders for Windows Mobile devices, but this one presented by XDA moderator mskip has very interesting boot options. The final version of Android Loader shows features like the chance to auto-load Android even if it´s not located in the traditional folder, a Windows link to reboot directly to Android without any prompts, and the option to change the startup boot option. Please be sure to read and understand how this application works before you proceed....

orb3000 · Nov 1, 2010

Themes WinDroid V2 Autumn for WM Update

XDA member MrBeOTP2 presents this update of the Windroid series, now supporting Cookie Home Tab 2.0. This nicely combined WM/Android theme includes more than twenty renewed icons, task bar, wall papers, among other features. The developer presents this themes for Windows Mobile devices with WVGA resolutions and should work on others as well. Autumn theme is the latest, so you can use it for this season. Originally posted by MrBeOTP2 Wall * Toggle switches & Notification icons CHT * LockScreen...

orb3000 · Oct 27, 2010

Tetris Live Wall Paper for Android

I´m sure you remember Tetris. Well, now thanks to XDA moderator jug6ernaut, you can have it as a live wall paper on your Android device. Watch how blocks come down and get on place at the bottom of your home screen with this nice and colorful original theme. Despite it´s still on beta stage and some bugs are expected, the wall paper looks nice and works quite well. The developer mentions that it should work on any WVGA device, but please...

orb3000 · Oct 25, 2010

Scrolling Wallpaper ‘Dock’ + Tutorial for Android

XDA member ClassicalGas presents a great tutorial to use scrolling wall paper with 6 home screens for Launcher Pro on your Android device. Now, you can jump between home screens using LPP Shortcuts creating a different way to manage your device. The developer included a full how to guide including: Tutorial Files, Launcher Pro shortcuts, simple template, scrolling wallpapers, .psd files and SMS unread mod for mention some features. Working for 800*480 resolution devices. Originally posted by ClassicalGas Scrolling Wallpaper...

orb3000 · Oct 24, 2010

QuickShutdown for WM Updated

XDA member petititi updated his app to version 1.5.3d. For those who don´t know, QuickShutdown is an application to turn off, restart or set to sleep your Windows Mobile device but without the need of .Net framework and because of that it is very fast and responsive. Updated version corrects some bugs, adds a short power button feature and let you choose if you want to lock device when screen goes off. Originally posted by petititi I developed an application like...

orb3000 · Oct 22, 2010

TouchXperience beta for WM

XDA member bratboo points us to the first beta of TouchXperience UI for Windows Mobile devices. The developer describes it as "the next generation of UI´s", interface is finger friendly and highly customizable featuring program launcher, contacts manager, home screen, appointments, messaging, task manager, profile and event manager, call log, control panel, communication manager, and much more. As this is the very first beta version publicly available for testing, some bugs are expected so please leave feedback. Originally posted...

orb3000 · Oct 21, 2010

New WAD Android Theme for WM

If you have a Windows Mobile device, now you can set a new theme if you use WAD. XDA member wildcardspv presents Android theme for WVGA devices. This theme will give you 3 scrolling home pages and all the Android icons in Taskbar with battery, signal, wifi and new SMS notifications, todays calendar appointments, as well as your newest email. For the ones who enjoy visual versions of Google´s operating system, this is a good choice. Originally posted by wildcardspv...

egzthunder1 · Oct 21, 2010

Play SuperMarioBros in Your WVGA for Windows Mobile

If you are using emulators just to have that little Italian plumber jumping and throwing fireballs in your WM device, you can now ditch that. XDA member zarpy released a few months ago a game clone of this infamous game for WVGA devices. The objective is pretty simple, just kill every enemy in the screen and make sure that you get every coin, mushroom, and power up available to be able to rescue Princess Peach from the evil claws of...

orb3000 · Oct 18, 2010

XDA FaceBook App for WM Update

Just a few days ago, XDA member joe_coolish presented a major update to the Face Book application for Windows Mobile devices. Updated version Beta 3.5.1 allows you to download and use cached images, notifications now working ok, now having the chance to skin the app, GUI fixes, and more speed just to mention some features. The developer's application is working on WVGA resolution devices using WM6.5 and up. Originally posted by joe_coolish Follow updates on Twitter! Use the #xdafb hashtag...

egzthunder1 · Oct 15, 2010

CHT 2.0 Widgets by ZaxXx Finalized and Awaiting Release.

Not too long ago, we saw the release of Cookie's Home Tab 2.0, which among the multitude of options, improvements, fixes, and more, also came with the option of adding custom widgets to the already feature rich UI addon. XDA member ZaxXx has started development for this and just finished the first version of his first widget, which is a calculator. Those of you who use HTC widgets in your Android devices will agree that having the calculator in the...

orb3000 · Oct 13, 2010

pBar for WM updated

If you have been around the forum long enough, I'm sure you´ll remember this app. pBar is a task manager in which you can improve the functions of the top bar of the system. The tools necessary to manage running tasks and system functions pop up a discreet window. It displays running programs where you can stop them individually, minimize programs, close all, and more features. Your system functions allow the system off, turn on and rotate the screen, restart...

orb3000 · Oct 13, 2010

Sense2.1 Dialers DINIK-Anastasia/GTX Styles

Are you bored with your Windows Mobile dialer canvas? It´s true that not much has been done about that and we still have a WM6 style on newer devices. XDA member RR33 presents this dialers based on Dinik and Anastasia styles. The developer dialers collection are working on VGA and WVGA resolution devices like the HTC Topaz, Leo, Blackstone, and Rhodium, but should work on other devices with same resolutions as well. Originally posted by RR33 --> VGA-WVGA dialers for...

orb3000 · Oct 11, 2010

Theme Sencity for WM Released

It has been months of waiting to see the work of XDA member _LeCiel_. Now the waiting has ended as the developer just published this awaited theme for Windows Mobile devices. Well known Chef NRGZ28, famous for his Energy ROMs for several devices, has included Sencity as well in his latest releases. This full theme includes a phone canavas, new icons, boot screens, and a nice purple wall paper, including all Manila tabs. On this first release, still on beta stage,...

egzthunder1 · Oct 11, 2010

New Official Update for European HD2 – T-Mobile USA Users, Do Not Install This!

Not to long ago, there was a leak of a new official rom for the T-Mobile USA HD2. So as not to forget about the European counterpart of this wonderful device, hTC has just released an official update for the OS, as pointed out by XDA member MuratNL. hTC promises several updates, particularly in the performance department, including better handling of the processor by the system overall, which would make the whole experience more "enjoyable". As with any new base,...

orb3000 · Oct 9, 2010

Theme Blue Tribal Dragon for Manila 2.5

From the vast world of theming, we bring the work of XDA member buru898, a blue theme called Tribal Dragon for your Windows Mobile device using Manila/Sense 2.5, which also has clock theme available. Themes can be found in two blue tones, including the slide bar and the wall papers as well. The top and bottom bar images only work in WM6.5 devices with Manila 2.5 and up with WVGA resolutions. Please be careful when replacing .tsk files to avoid...