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Mathew Brack · Jun 10, 2015

No, Root Is Not Coming To The LG G4 Just Yet

By now many of you will have heard that Senior Recognized Developer jcase in collaboration with autoprime and thecubed were successfully able to root the LG G4. Many of you understandably had questions regarding the break through, so we reached out to jcase to find out some of the details and the stage of development they are on.   What Exactly Happened? As you may have seen on his Youtube page, he has indeed achieved root on the LG G4. If you haven't had...

Mathew Brack · Jun 10, 2015

Voices of XDA: All IT-Guys, Right?

Editor's note: This weeks feature has been written by forum member laufersteppenwolf and takes a look at a popular misconception that everyone at XDA faces on a regular basis; we are in fact not all involved in IT outside of XDA in either career or education.      It’s no secret that here at XDA we have many exceptional developers. They are so good in fact that they must be developers, programmers, CS professors and such in real life as well, right? This at least,...

Mathew Brack · Jun 3, 2015

XDA Forum Member Opinions on I/O and Android M

Google’s I/O event this year brought many announcements that affected us as developers. To better understand just how our community felt about the new products and services, we reached out to some of you in the forums. We received many great responses; here are just a few of the things you felt were important.   jackfacespoon “There's going to be a huge fuss over the smaller but more specific changes to Android, and they're going to grab the media limelight for...

Mathew Brack · May 26, 2015

Discover XDA: Discover Greater

We’ve all been there at some point in our XDA lives; we used to spend hours browsing over the forums but now we seem to be stuck inside the same one device and a few software threads. I’m here today to help you out of that rut. With over 2.5 million threads, you can be sure to find a new area of interest. Even if you do not currently have an interest in some of the alternate forums, it's not...

Mathew Brack · May 22, 2015

Introducing Voices of XDA: Have Your Ideas Heard

By far the greatest assets we have at XDA-Developers are you, the developers, the eager to learn and the bold. Everyday we see innovation and brilliant ideas across the site, from this we know that many of you have great insight in to your respective fields. That is why today, I am honored to announce a new project that will allow us to work with you directly to have your views and thoughts expressed clearer than ever. Introducing:    ...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Apr 25, 2015

XDA Picks: Best Apps of the Week (Apr 17 – 24)

Apps are at the front and center of any smartphone experience, and with over a million apps on the Google Play Store and new apps being submitted to our forums every day, staying up to date on the latest apps and games can be a hassle. At XDA, we don’t discriminate apps - if it’s interesting, innovative, original or useful, we mention them. The XDA Portal Team loves apps too, and we usually share and discuss the latest app releases...

Mathew Brack · Apr 22, 2015

The Devices Behind The XDA Team

In a recent episode of XDA TV, TK explained which phone he uses and what he was running on it, but what about the rest of the news team? XDA has an incredibly diverse team from many walks of life and locations, so here we will explore just how that is reflected in our chosen devices. Each member of the team was asked a few simple questions: Which devices do you use, what software are you running, their reasons for choosing them,...

Mathew Brack · Apr 8, 2015

Material [Re]design

With Material Design seeing increasingly widespread adoption, it is clear the environment is here to stay for the foreseeable future. As such, we are seeing developers and users a like voicing their opinions on the new style frequently, but how does the community as a whole view MD? We recently asked you whether you preferred Material Design or Holo. The results clearly showed a rift between the two camps with many of you liking the concept of MD but yearned for...

Mario Tomás Serrafero · Apr 1, 2015

Google to Acquire XDA, Dev Rewards & Policy Changes

We are delighted to announce that starting on April 20th, a finalized deal with Google will make XDA Developers a software development division for the beloved search giant. This exciting transition will start as early as next week, where new XDA Talent Scouts from Google will browse our forums and reward the best contributors and offer them software development or design positions as well. A new set of XDA Forum Moderators from Google’s Legal Department will also make sure that...

egzthunder1 · Feb 25, 2015

Cell Phone Unlocking Bill – Expert Analysis of Why it Sucks

We all remember the story on this one. It was our moment of triumph. The moment our collective voices were heard across the Capitol, which yielded a law nearly 2 years later. The glorious Cell Phone Unlocking Bill, finally came into full force in the beginning of February. As of now, it is perfectly legal to have your device SIM unlocked anywhere in the United States (that is, until the provision expires yet again towards the end of this year)....

Jimmy McGee · Dec 27, 2014

XDA LG Development Challenge Winners

Almost 3 months ago, we set out with LG to find two amazing apps that developers could put together using LG’s QPair SDK. That contest came to a close last Friday, and while there were some really great entries that took the QPair SDK and stretched it to its limits, the two winners for the Grand Prize have been selected as explained in the Contest Rules. The XDA LG Developer Challenge was a 8-week competition, and each person had the opportunity to pitch their proposal for the best...