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Jimmy McGee · Dec 23, 2014

Best Xposed Mods of 2014 – XDA TV

The story of the Xposed Framework has been somewhat of a roller coaster. In the beginning of 2014, everyone was excited and making great modules for the framework. Then, Lollipop came around, and Xposed Framework hasn't yet been updated to be compatible. That said, not everyone is running Lollipop yet, and the framework may one day see compatibility on newer OS builds. In honor of this fantastic framework with almost limitless modification possibilities, we would like to look back over...

Jimmy McGee · Dec 16, 2014

Battery History with More Details – XDA TV

When you use your device, there are always little programs in the background that could be sucking up your battery juice. There are many apps out there that can help you see what’s running in the background like WakeLock Detector. However, those apps can give you too much data. Sometimes you just want to go into your native Android battery stats and see all the applications using battery, not just a short list. If you still have access to the...

Jimmy McGee · Dec 9, 2014

Screen Dimming to the Next Level – XDA Xposed Tuesday

Auto brightness on some devices is a joke. Even if you control your brightness manually, the dimmest setting is oftentimes still too bright. If you’re in a dark room or area too bright a screen can hurt your eye or be a distraction to others. Don’t be distracting! In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA TV Producer TK reviews an Xposed Module that helps you take your screen dimming to the next level. XDA Forum Member tony78960 created the...

Samantha · Dec 2, 2014

Get the Windows Taskbar and Start Menu on Android OS

A lot of users of Windows 8 were angry when they took away the classic Start Menu and replaced it with the more touchscreen friendly "Modern UI" start screen. Demand for the return of the Start Menu has been so strong that there are numerous programs out there that recaptures this element of the UI, and in fact, has forced Microsoft to bring it back in a future Windows OS update. Now it seems like there are some folks who...

Jimmy McGee · Dec 2, 2014

Optimize Your Media Scanner – XDA Xposed Tuesday

If you’ve got a lot of file crammed on your device and external SD card--and let’s be honest, who doesn’t--you could be losing precious battery life. The reason is that when your device boots, it has to scan the files to create the Android media store entries. And there is nothing you can do about it. Or is there? In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA TV Producer TK reviews an Xposed Module that helps you optimize your media...

Samantha · Dec 1, 2014

Easily Mass-Send Snapchat Messages to All Your Friends

Although it's demonstrably insecure by its very nature, Snapchat can be a really fun way of communicating with your friends. While those immensely ugly faces that you make in front of the camera can technically last beyond those 10 seconds if you use an aftermarket client or any number of other methods to preserve the data, most casual users don't do this so it's kind of like the self destructing tapes used as plot elements in various movies. But when...

Jimmy McGee · Nov 25, 2014

Clean Your Recent Apps – XDA Xposed Tuesday

In this day and age, you have quite a few apps installed and running on your Android device. Sometimes, having a lot of background processes can drain your battery. While the Android system does a good job of trying to maintain those background apps, sometimes it is better to just remove them. There are many ways to do this, but sometimes having an automated process makes it easier. In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA TV Producer TK reviews...

Jimmy McGee · Nov 18, 2014

Download Status on the Notification Bar – XDA Xposed Tuesday

If you’ve ever had to download something on your phone, you know that big files can take a while. Depending on your data coverage, small files might also take a while. So to kill time during a download, you go do other things on your phone. It would be nice if you didn’t have to pull open your notification tray to check the status of your download. In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA TV Producer TK reviews an...

Tomek Kondrat · Nov 17, 2014

Effectively Optimize Your Media Scanner Service with Xposed

Typically, all media files housed on your external storage are scanned upon boot. The service that does that is called Media Scanner, which saves its output in Media Store. Android's developers have tried hard to optimize it, but Media Scanner is still a service that drains battery quite effectively for the first few minutes following a reboot. The Media Scanner service itself doesn't offer a preferences menu, and it runs in background so you can't control it. Well, you can't do so...

GermainZ · Nov 15, 2014

Check Download Status with Statusbar Download Progress

Most download operations use the standard Android download manager, which provides developers with a robust and reliable solution. A few popular examples that make use of it include the Play Store, Chrome and the Xposed Installer. (If you're curious, the "Downloads" app on your phone provides an interface for viewing files that have been downloaded using the Android download manager.) If you want to view the progress of an ongoing download, you'd usually have to pull down the notification bar...

Jimmy McGee · Nov 15, 2014

Best Mods for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – XDA TV

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been out for a little bit and if you own this device, you’ve probably gone through the phases of a new device. You’ve watched reviews on the device, you’ve purchased it, and then you’ve rooted it. So what do you do next? In this video, XDA TV Producer TK presents some applications and Xposed mods that he’s installed on his Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Check out these mods to give you an answer to...

Jimmy McGee · Nov 11, 2014

Control Your Screen On/OFF Animation – XDA TV

Android is about customization. There are what some would consider advanced customizations, such as setting up Tasker Automation. There are also what some would consider basic customizations, like adding Pie Controls to your Chrome browser. Either way, the possibility of choice with Android is great. You can even change the way your screen turns off and on. In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA TV Producer TK reviews an Xposed Module that lets you change your screen on and...

GermainZ · Nov 8, 2014

Tint System Bars with Flat Style Colored Bars!

Custom ROMs and mods allowing you to tint system bars have always been popular. This has been especially true with the previous hype surrounding KitKat's leaked images, as well as the upcoming changes in Lollipop allowing developers to easily set the status bar's color. Over the years, we've seen different implementations for this in various ROMs such as AOSPA, ThinkingBridge's Chameleon Engine and OmniROM. Flashing one of these custom ROM may not be feasible for all users, though. Luckily, the...

Jimmy McGee · Nov 4, 2014

XDA Xposed Tuesday: Get Some Pie for Your Chrome

Chrome has become Android’s default browser. As great as Chrome is, it’s still missing some ease-of-use features. Sometimes on our phablet devices, we need two hands to work in Chrome--lest we need to perform an awkward thumb stretch. Because of this, simple Pie Controls would help with navigation. In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA TV Producer TK reviews an Xposed Module that lets you enable Pie Controls in your Chrome browser. XDA Forum Member JT5 created the aptly...

Jimmy McGee · Oct 28, 2014

XDA Xposed Tuesday: Unlock Your Device Automatically with No Lock Home – XDA TV

It is a very good idea to have a lock screen on your phone. The basic suggestion is to use a PIN code, and there are other options like Pattern and Face Unlock. Using these helps keep your phone and files private from casual snooping and prying eyes. But when you get home, you may not need the hassle. In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA TV Producer TK reviews an Xposed Module that lets you disable your lockscreen...

GermainZ · Oct 26, 2014

Merge Your Battery Indicator and Home Button into One!

The status and navigation bars are probably the most commonly used areas of your device (that is, assuming you have a navigation bar), and they're definitely two of the more heavily customizable parts using Xposed modules. Android 5.0 Lollipop will also bring refreshed navigation and status bars, with new, streamlined shapes for the icons. A new Xposed module by XDA Recognized Developer MohammadAG aims to make your navigation bar even more useful, while also cleaning your status bar some more. Battery...

Jimmy McGee · Oct 21, 2014

XDA Xposed Tuesday: XHangouts Will Improve Your Hangouts

Ever since Google started supporting text messaging in Hangouts many people have changed over. However, there are many people who still gripe that MMS is a pain at times. Additionally, Hangouts, like most Google apps, tries to tell you which is best, so changing button actions an preferences is not always easy. In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA TV Producer TK reviews an Xposed Module that lets you change your Hangouts preferences. XDA Senior Member Kevin M created...

Jimmy McGee · Oct 16, 2014

Android App Review: Control That ‘Noyze’ – XDA TV

Recently, we talked about an Xposed Module that allows you to modify the volume bar on your device and put it in the statusbar. However, sometimes you don’t have the Xposed Framework available, or root. Sometimes you want more customization options for your volume control. XDA Forum Member tombarr offers up a customizable, powerful application that allows you to customize your volume bar. In this video XDA TV Producer TK reviews Noyze.  TK shows off the application, its uses, functionality...

Jimmy McGee · Oct 14, 2014

XDA Xposed Tuesday: No Map Tips with Google Maps – XDA TV

Many people use their phone as a navigation system. Typically, in car standalone navigation systems tell you to set the destination while the car is not moving. But lets be honest, how many of us do that all the time? To make matters worse, when you are doing it with Google Maps, Google makes you ignore and compete with multiple pop up tool tips. In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA TV Producer TK reviews an Xposed Module that...

Jimmy McGee · Oct 7, 2014

XDA Xposed Tuesday: Don’t Get Down with OBB on Your Internal Memory

Everyday, our devices are getting more and more powerful--so powerful that you can play some serious games like Portal or Asphalt 8: Airborne. The problem with these games is the often require a huge library file for maps, and graphics elements, and these OBB files can take up a big chuck on your on-board storage In this episode of XDA Xposed Tuesday, XDA Developer TV Producer TK reviews an Xposed Module that lets you move these massive files to your...