Will Verduzco · Apr 7, 2011 at 06:00 pm

Take Control of Your Smarphone’s Profiles with Profili-Fi for Android

Have you ever wanted to manage your mobile device based on which Wi-Fi hot spots in the area? Luckily, XDA forum member RFLabs has you covered with Profili-Fi, an app designed to change various system settings based on networks in range.

The lite version supports the following features:

■ Adding / Editing / Removing profiles (Silent, Vibrate, Sound, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Auto-Sync)
■ Switch phone profile between Wi-Fi spots
■ Switch phone profile with manual profiles
■ Switch phone profile by schedule
■ Scan Network
■ Filter networks by mac address
■ Networks collision detection
■ Task when detected a collision
■ Auto Start
■ Info on the status bar
■ Icon on status bar

So, have you been looking for a piece of freemium software offering much of the same functionality of the popular application Tasker? If so, continue on to the application thread.

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