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Tiles WP7 Style for Android

With the launch of WP7 a lot of icons and tiles have appeared, this time XDA member hinderbrus presents a great collection of WP7 tiles and icons for your Android device. Internet, Maps, Youtube, MSN, Twitter, Facebook, Notes and Money are some of the great tiles you can find on the original thread to completely change the UI on your device.
The developer is also willing to make more at member’s request and also uploaded the pngs, so you can use them you please. Be sure to check pages 1, 2 and 3 as tiles updates can be found there.

Originally posted by hinderbrus
[icons] WP7 style icons

Posted this in galaxy S forum, but as it’s not phone related i am posting here aswell.

I was playing with photoshop today to create myself an ultimate ui
I made quite alot icons and thought maybe someone will be interested in some of them so i am uploading the pngs so you can use them…

The icons are for the WP7 style

You can find more information in here.

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