egzthunder1 · Apr 14, 2010 at 07:47 am

[Update] Co0kie’s home tab updated

Since the release of the Manila concept (named TouchFlo 3D) a couple of years ago, developers at xda have done every imaginable port, fix, and mod of virtually every version available of this User Interface. Its latest incarnation, known as HTC Sense is no exception to the rule, as it has been greatly improved by many of our members.

Particularly,  xda member Co0kieMonster, who has just posted a new update to his already popular Co0kie’s Home Tab mod for the Sense 2.5 user interface. This new update (v1.7) is packed with features and fixes and is surely going to please its already large user base.

Originally posted by Co0kieMonster

Change log:

  • [new] moveable and customizable home items
  • [new] 6 clock layouts (including analog)
  • [new] 2 or 3 quick links rows in main view
  • [new] notification icons
  • [new] customizable lockscreen with 3 unlock modes
  • [new] more than 3 quick links pages
  • [new] retractable slider
  • [new] parameter support for button program links
  • [new] automatic VGA mode detection
  • [new] added voicemail notification
  • [changed] position of more appointments indicator arrow
  • [changed] adjusted 3×3 quick links layout
  • [fixed] exchange policies related issue
  • [fixed] bug with appointment range set to 1
  • [fixed] miscellaneous smaller bugs

You can follow the development of this great mod in the original thread

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