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Update Me Helps Keep ROMs Updated

You have likely run into applications built into certain ROMs that check the developer’s website for updates and/or flash optional modifications. They are usually very useful, especially when properly maintained, and can make the ROM update process much easier for the end user. Unfortunately, not all ROMs have such an application.

Enter Update Me, an application that does pretty much what is described above, but it is available for a much larger range of ROMs and devices. Similar to the previously described 2BOrange tool, XDA Senior Member aquariusoft developed the application to help ROM makers and developers get the proper mods, themes and updates to their users without having to surf the web for them.

The application has a very nice user interface, especially on tablets running Honeycomb or later, and from the comments made by users, it seems to work quite well. In case the explanation above was a little too vague, the features of this application include:

Check for new rom available (works)
Show list of kernel which can be downloaded, download it and reboot to recovery (works)
Show list of plugin which can be downloaded, download it and reboot to recovery (works)
Show list of themes which can be downloaded, download it and reboot to recovery (works)
Check md5 for download file (works)
Check new rom on startup (works)
check new rom every hours (works)
android version >= 3.0

A couple of the more awesome features to point out is that there is a built in md5sum checker, so downloaded packages that are corrupted won’t be used. The application is nice enough to boot into recovery for you, but leaves it up to you whether or not to flash it.

For screen shots, full feature list, links to the Google Play where you can download this app and more, hit up original thread. As usual, be sure you have a Nandroid backup before flashing anything.

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