Ben Elliott · May 30, 2010 at 04:20 pm

View PlayStation Trophies on your Phone with TrophyToGo

XDA member KUV1977 was surprised when he could not find a way to easily view his and his friends’ PlayStation Network trophies on his HD2, so he decided to develop a solution himself.

Using his TrophyToGo application, you can keep track of your friends’ gaming achievements while you’re away from home, or when you are too busy playing video games to fire up your PC. It’s also very useful as on-hand evidence when bragging about your mad Call of Duty skills to sceptical friends.

Based on the smooth and sharp Sense SDK, the app will show you all of the data you would expect to find on the PlayStation 3 – including game-by-game statistics and comparisons between other gamers. You can even choose to autosync player data to ensure that you’re always up to date.

To try it for yourself or for more information, please go to the application thread.

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GermainZ · Mar 4, 2015 at 07:09 pm · no comments

A Look at the Telegram+ Situation

Most of this article doesn't only apply to Telegram+ -- it just happens to be an example that got a lot of coverage elsewhere, with many authors or commentators putting the full blame on Google, Telegram, the Telegram+ developer or even WhatsApp Inc (eh?). In this article, we'll try to look at the different aspects to provide a clear view of what actually happened, and what can (and hopefully will) improve with regards to developers in general and the Play...

Aamir Siddiqui · Mar 4, 2015 at 12:11 pm · 2 comments

Multi Boot: The Fall of Nandroid?

Ever since custom recoveries and roms became popular, nandroid backups have been the fall back method for all android enthusiasts, irrespective of their confidence levels. They allow easy backup and restore in case things go wrong, which happens invariably when a modification is being tested. With that being said, how relevant are Nandroid Backups to this day? Back in 2011, when the world of Android was being awed by the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2, a little modification made its appearance...

Emil Kako · Mar 4, 2015 at 11:49 am · 1 comment

HTC One M8 Owners: Upgrade to the M9, or Skip?

While HTC's latest flagship brings many new features, the aesthetic design of the device remains largely untouched in comparison to its predecessor. Many Android enthusiasts throughout the community were expecting a large redesign of one of the most beautiful handsets ever released, but what we got is something more along the lines of an 'HTC One M8S". So this begs the question, is the M9 worth the upgrade if you already own the M8? Current HTC One M8 users chime in and let us know your thoughts.

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