jerdog · Feb 18, 2013 at 06:00 am

Virtuous Ten Studio Becomes Self-Aware, Decompiles Skynet

Back in August we wrote about a large update to a pretty epic piece of work. With its latest release Virtuous Ten Studio, created by XDA Recognized Developer and Senior Moderator Diamondback and his team, has become a full-blown Android IDE (Integrated Development Environment) capable of handling all of your Android reverse engineering needs.

For those unfamiliar with VTS, this is an application that gives themers and ROM developers the ability to modify Smali code of an APK as well as decompiling, editing, and recompiling APKs and Jar files. You also are able to resize, modify, or theme m10 files from HTC’s Sense UI, as well as navigate and manipulate XML files. In recent releases, VTS even added the ability to manipulate boot images as well as batch deodex files.

The latest release brings VTS up to v2.2.11. If you already have it installed, you will receive an update notification. A few of the new features include a version-based ApkTool management, ability to add a complete folder as ApkTool frameworks, additional ADB commands, resolution of bug with HTC JPG decoder that allows you to decompile these proprietary files to proper PNG files, and the addition of line bookmarking to Java documents. And as always, the focus remains on a clean UI and proper integration of all features. Be sure to visit the thread to discuss the application, or visit their website to download the tool and get more instruction.

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