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Wake Up with AlarMe, the Weather-Based Alarm

A weather-based alarm is quite an interesting and practical innovation. It’s an idea you’ll most definitely appreciate if you’ve ever driven the car to work, only to be stuck in traffic for 20 minutes when you could have walked or ridden on a fine sunny day. It’s similarly useful when you wake up just to see snow blocking the driveway and the road, leaving you unable to get to where you need to go.

Well, since XDA Forum Member Mdk001 was growing increasingly frustrated with these situations, AlarMe was created. This is an alarm clock that, you’ve guessed it, bases itself on the weather of the day. In addition to the conventional method of creating your standard alarm with a time and description, AlarMe adds extra ‘Weather Rules’ for different weather and the subsequent time changes you would like to occur. This signature criteria allow for up to 2 different weather conditions, which you then set a different alarm time for.

With a clean Holo user interface, AlarMe presents itself with further options for customization such as 24 hours time view, imperial or metric temperature units, alarm and snooze duration, among many others. However, most importantly, AlarMe provides the choice of weather provider between Open Weather and Weather Underground, two well known and reliable sources of weather conditions. If however you did come across an issue regarding this, Mdk001 included a function which allows for the reporting of such problems. Nonetheless, we look forward to more flexibility and choice in terms of weather providers in the future.

A well-refined app with an active developer behind it and built on an interesting concept and idea, AlarMe may be an app you would like to try out. It is available for Android 2.2 and above, and is free and ad-free from the Play Store. For more information and discussion, check out the application thread.

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HTC to Replace Swype with TouchPal

According to engadget (citing TouchPal as well as an internal source), HTC aims to replace Swype with TouchPal as the default input method in upcoming devices, including the new HTC One M9. The official TouchPal Twitter account also tweeted the engadget article about this, further confirming the move. What prompted this move? The CEO of CooTek, the company behind TouchPal, says it's because of their better contextual prediction and language support. If you actually look at the supported languages, you'll...

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Do You Think the Apple Watch Will Be a Huge Success?

Many people are under the impression that once Apple finally launches its smartwatch, the market for wearables will suddenly become mainstream and be taken to the next level. Taking an idea that already exists and making it incredibly successful isn't something new to Apple, but does the Apple Watch have what it takes? The wearable hasn't even shipped yet, but has already won multiple awards and has been featured on numerous fashion magazine covers. Do you think the Apple Watch will be a huge success? Let us know your thoughts.

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Huawei: A Giant the Western World Should Look Out For

The smartphone landscape is drastically changing its focus. What was once a North-America-centric monopoly of high-specification phones is now merely an afterimage of the past. The meat of the game is elsewhere now; emerging markets looking for good bang-for-buck are what OEMs are increasingly aiming towards, and in this new game the old players must adapt-or-die. Xiaomi has grown at one of the most notable rates in the industry, leading it to become the world's most valuable start-up; and its...

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