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Wallpapers Amazing Space Set

Are you into changing wall papers very often? Now, we have a new set of images for those space lovers within our community. XDA new member justas696661 presents this set with over 250 themed wallpapers to place on your home screen. Images are set to 480 x 800 and can be used in Windows Mobile, Android, or Windows Phone 7. Planets, galaxies, nebulas, and more outer space graphics can be found on the 12Mb file placed by the original poster.
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Originally posted by justas696661
˙·٠•●★270 Amazing Space Wallpapers 480×800★●•٠·˙

Here great collection that i made. Hope you like it! enjoy!!˙·٠•●★270 Amazing Space Wallpapers 480×800★●•٠·˙

Here great collection that i made. Hope you like it! enjoy!!
Dear Friend i update all pictures now are not oval

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