Ben Elliott · Jul 7, 2010 at 03:00 pm

WaPaC 1.4 Released

Everyone likes to change their wallpapers as it’s an easy way to overhaul the look of your device, but it’s never long before your newest choice starts to look dull and overly familiar. Luckily, Rapid81‘s Wallpaper Changer (‘WaPaC’) application prevents you from ever getting bored of your home screen’s background.

WaPac can be programmed to change your Windows or Manila wallpaper after a given time interval. You can select any number of files on your phone or its SD card through which the application will cycle, ensuring that every time you see your home screen you’re pleased to see something refreshing and new. The recent update to version 1.4 brings a ‘change now’ prompt to the software along with the allowal of once-per-minute changes, the removal of the limit of pictures you can select, specifically timed wallpaper changes which may be set like an alarm clock, Co0kie’s Home Tab version 1.8 support and numerous bug fixes.

You can download the application and try it for yourself from the application thread.

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Ben Elliott

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Mathew Brack · Jun 1, 2015 at 01:45 pm · 8 comments

Google Launches New Privacy and Security Hub

Google has announced the launch of two large improvements to their privacy and security tools. These include a new hub that allows you to manage all your Google settings called 'My Account' and new site to answer any of your Google related privacy and security questions.   At Google I/O they announced that they will be giving people the chance to take more control over the information they provide and now these two new sites aim to achieve just this. The...

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OnePlus Announces $50 Discount On OnePlus One

OnePlus had promised a "change" on June 1st in their attempts to "shake up the industry". Many expected the announcement to be for the OnePlus 2, but Carl Pei later informed that the device is still on schedule for its Q3 2015 release and the announcement was for something else. The date is upon us, and so is the announcement. As it turns out, the big announcement is that the OnePlus One is now available for a $50 discount across...

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What Kind of Features Make a Phone Easier to Handle?

The way a phone handles depends on many factors: size, ratios, geometry, materials, bezels, weight, weight distribution, etc. On top of that, all of these can have vastly different results depending on the size of the hand that's holding the phone. These factors can help not just with grip, but also with pocketing, general handling and even actual software operation as well. With all of these in mind, and taking into account every relevant aspect of a phone's physical design, what kind of attributes do you think make a phone easier to handle (in every sense)?

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