David Watt · Apr 5, 2012 at 04:00 am

Woodebox Puzzle for Android

All too often nowadays, it seems we tend to get drawn to the latest and greatest games with the best graphics and most complex physics, trying our utmost to stress our phone’s internals to the limit. While these games can be fun and enjoyable, they often require little brain power, and can become monotonous. We tend to forget that some of the best games are also the simplest.

XDA Forum Member pethal75 has created one of these simple, yet addictive and challenging games, named Woodebox Puzzle. The idea of the game is simple. Piece together different shaped wooden blocks to fit into a predefined area. Sounds simple, but as you’ll soon find out, certain pieces can only be moved in a certain order, and there’s limited room for pieces to be moved around.

In the words of the developer:

By solving Woodebox puzzles, you will be immersed in a gloriously made and addictive puzzle that will exercise your brain and test your logical thinking. Some Woodebox levels are logical, some combine dynamic action moments such as rolling balls. In these levels you will not only be using your logic to solve the puzzle but also working to solve it at speed!

The game currently has a whopping 63 levels to keep you occupied, so even the most avid puzzlers will be kept busy!

The developer is open to suggestions and feedback if you have any ideas for improvement, so head on over to the application thread and give it a try!

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David Watt

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