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WP7 Skins for Windows Mobile

Are you thinking on staying on Windows Mobile but want to have a fresh WP7 look on your every day programs? Then this collection by XDA member Trekfan422991 will be of your liking. You can find great WP7 skins for iContact, iDialer, and throttle explorer so you can give a modern touch to your older device. The developer also mentions future updates will include tcpmp, shutdown, nitrogen and stopwatch. Working for (W)VGA and W(Q)VGA resolutions.
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Originally posted by Trekfan422991

Here are some great skins for iContact and iDialer
to install:
for the icontact skin download the attachment called “wp7 black.png”and put it under the [ \program files\iContact\ ] folder and select it under icontact settings…

for idialer download the attachment called “wp7bblack.png and rename it “default.png” and replace it with the one in the program folder

enjoy and feel free to leave requests as i will be releasing more themes for iContact soon!!!!

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