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Here’s what dark mode in Chrome OS will look like

Chrome OS users have requested a dark theme for some time now, and it looks like they’re finally going to get it. Flags for a dark theme are currently live...
10-26 7:29

Google adds WireGuard VPN to Android 12’s Linux Kernel

With remote work becoming the norm at many businesses thanks to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to secure network connections with a virtual private network, or VPN. There are...
10-26 6:10

What you need to know about the RIAA’s DMCA takedown of YouTube-DL

The Recording Industry Association of America, Inc. (RIAA), the trade organization representing the recording industry in the U.S., filed a DMCA takedown notice last Friday for multiple GitHub repositories containing...
10-26 5:55

The OnePlus 8T is now available to buy, plus save $20 on the OnePlus Buds

The OnePlus 8T is now available for purchase at the OnePlus store! Additionally, you can save $20 on the OnePlus Buds.
10-26 5:31

YouTube for Android revamps the video player page and adds new gestures

YouTube has updated its mobile apps with a revamp to the video player page and new navigation gestures. As part of the revamp, the video player page now includes settings...
10-26 4:55

Facebook launches a cloud gaming service for free-to-play mobile games

Facebook Gaming on Monday unveiled a new cloud streaming gaming service, although it’s a bit different than what you might expect. Instead of providing access to PC or console games...
10-26 2:53

Apple’s next AirPods Pro may ditch the stem to be more compact

Apple will reportedly introduce two new sets of true wireless earbuds next year, according to a Bloomberg report. The more expensive model will be a redesigned pair of AirPods Pro...
10-26 1:18

Google Pay isn’t working for some Pixel 5 users

Any major phone release is likely to come with at least one showstopping bug, and Google’s Pixel 5 is no exception. Reports have surfaced from some users claiming they’re unable...
10-26 1:07

Microsoft Swiftkey for Android prepares to add clipboard sync with Windows 10

It might not be the flavor of the month since Google’s GBoard arrived on the scene, but Microsoft-owned Swiftkey still continues to bring improvements to its own Android keyboard experience....
10-26 12:53

OnePlus 8T kernel source code and unbrick tool are now available

The OnePlus 8T was announced on October 14. The smartphone is the mid-cycle refresh to the OnePlus 8. It’s been less than two weeks since the phone went on sale,...
10-26 12:01

Save big on Samsung’s Frame TVs at an early Black Friday price

Samsung Frame TVs might seem like a novelty, but these are powerful and stylish pieces of hardware. Get them at Black Friday prices now!
10-26 10:59

OnePlus announces the Nord N10 5G and Nord N100 for Europe and North America

Following a series of highly detailed leaks, OnePlus has officially announced the Nord N10 5G and Nord N100. The new Nord N lineup promises to provide users with a flagship...
10-26 8:00