Sony Xperia Z5 Available In US! Remix OS for PC Arrives! – XDA TV

Sony Xperia Z5 Available In US! Remix OS for PC Arrives! – XDA TV

It’s Friday, January 15, 2016, and let’s talk about what happened this week over at

First up, I did another tech news recap over on my own channel for all things not specifically on XDA, so if you want to see what I’m up to, that’ll be the first link in the description.

Now on to the news. Loads of device announcements this week. Sony announced a pink version of the Xperia Z5, so if that’s your thing, you’ll be able to pick one up next month. More importantly, they also announced the Z5 and Z5 Compact are going to be available in the US starting February 7th, which I’m absolutely pumped about.

A photo taken in Dubai shows that Samsung has already rolled out an update to the Galaxy J1, with slightly improved specs and the equivalent of a $135 price tag.

ASUS launched another new device, exclusively in Brazil, the ASUS Live, which has mid-range specs and a few different colors. Not sure why the story on the portal doesn’t mention pricing, but GSMArena says it should be available for about $211.

Xiaomi announced an updated version of the Note 3, bringing along slightly improved specs as well as a mid-range Snapdragon processor, for about $150 US dollars. They also announced the Redmi 3, another mid-range device with a very nice 4100 milliamp hour battery that’s only going to cost about $105 US dollars.

Alcatel OneTouch unveiled a new 17.3″ Xess (XS) tablet that comes bundled with a suite of Amazon apps and some halfway decent specs, at least for a media tablet.

Intel announced a RealSense Smartphone Developer Kit, and had it up for preorder, unfortunately it immediately sold out, but you can still reserve one for $399, so when they’re available, you should be able to get it, if you’re interested in the idea of a Project Tango Intel RealSense hybrid kinda thing.

As I mentioned in last week’s video, Remix OS 2.0 is now available for your computer. There was actually a leak a couple of days before it was supposed to release, but now it’s officially available, so that doesn’t really matter. Haven’t tried it out myself, but if you have, feel free to let us know how it worked for you down below.

Moving on to device updates, this week Marshmallow started rolling out for the Xiaomi Mi 3, 4, and Note beta testers, but they say it should be released to the public soon.

Verizon has updated the Galaxy Note 4… to Android 5.1.1. They also managed to provide an official bootloader unlock to the 2014 Moto X on Verizon, so now you can more easily mess about with your device, if you haven’t already.

Motorola released the kernel source for Android 6 on the 2015 Moto G this week.

Official CM13 Nightlies became available for the Nexus 10 and the first generation Moto E.

A couple of XDA Members wrote up a guide showing you what you can do to recover a bricked ZenFone 2 using xFSTK on Windows.

XDA Senior Member Bitstra released an app called MTP Enabler that, well, does what it says on the tin. If you’ve got root access on your Marshmallow device, it allows you to set MTP as your default USB connection type, which sounds wonderful.

A bunch of new XDA forums were added, for the Xiaomi Redmi 2 and 3, the HTC One X9, the Fossil Q Founder, Acer Iconia One 8, LG K10, and a bunch of other devices.

And finally, 4 other videos were posted to XDA TV from TK’s time at CES. First he took a look at the Nextbit Robin, then he checked out a modular smartphone case from i-Blades, then he took a tour of the Huawei booth, and looked at the TipTalk Smart Watchband.

But you know what? That’s going to be about all from me for today. You can find the links to all the stories I talked about in the video description, as well as the links to my YouTube channels. Remember if you likes this video give us a “Thumbs up” down below if you liked this video and subscribe to receive our content as soon as it becomes available. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time.

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