WallFlix Brings Smooth HD Videos to Your Wallpaper, Now Lets You Add Yours

WallFlix Brings Smooth HD Videos to Your Wallpaper, Now Lets You Add Yours

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We’ve featured VidWall by XDA Senior Member Flyview in the beginning of the year, but the recent updates have added several improvements and new features. Now called WallFlix, this app still aims to provide you with a collection of HD videos to use as smooth, live wallpapers.

While live wallpaper apps are not a novel concept, WallFlix distinguishes itself by offering high quality and more lengthy videos instead of shorter loops. All wallpapers also come in two versions: one optimized for portrait orientation, the other for landscape orientation. This means that whichever video you pick will fill your screen regardless of the orientation. If you only use one orientation for your launcher, an option is provided to disable fetching portrait or landscape versions in order to save bandwidth.


WallFlix currently comes with 13 free and 8 paid wallpapers, though a recent update has also added the ability to use your own videos as live wallpapers for a small fee (sadly). If you want to support the developer, you can purchase that option or subscribe to gain access to all paid wallpapers. A new feature also lets you shuffle through the downloaded wallpapers, either at fixed intervals of time or by single, double or triple tapping your home screen.



Two important aspects for live wallpapers are smooth playback and battery usage. Fortunately, WallFlix does well on both counts: I’ve noticed no additional battery drain and I’ve been using it for weeks, and playback very rarely stutters even on my three years old flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4. Of course, that’s not to say WallFlix magically uses no power at all — but rest assured it’s well-optimized not to have any noticeable impact unless you watch your launcher for prolonged periods of time. If you’re still uncertain about using it on your main device, you might consider putting it on mounted devices instead.

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WallFlix is also free of ads, and has an active developer and community. Head over to the WallFlix forum thread if you’re interested in trying it out, and make sure to leave any feedback or suggestions you might have!

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