As the Note 7 Battery Saga Escalates, Samsung Prompts Users to Power Down Devices

As the Note 7 Battery Saga Escalates, Samsung Prompts Users to Power Down Devices

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 drama is reaching new proportions ever since Samsung came clean on the defect of the device. Even though the company did the right thing by recalling all devices sold up to that point, along with an inventory clean up of devices unsold, the market is still witnessing the repercussions of the potentially lethal flaw of a device that was destined to be amongst one of the most popular Android devices around.

The list of incidents which involved the Note 7 have been increasing with every passing day. At first, there were reports of devices exploding. Then Samsung confirmed that the phones released so far had a defect, a news which opened the floodgates and brought into public scrutiny every incident involving a hot phone. As rightful precaution, the phone is being banned from carrying with check-in baggage during air travel by the US FAA and Indian DGCA and several major airlines.

8uk1hsjcdoi0qfgjwgmr4ukjod9dx_lmmuq2mkjwkzeReportedly, and which likely wouldn’t come as surprise right now, the battery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also gets hot. Very hot. A user on reddit claimed that his device got to 106° F (41° C) during charging. He did admit to using the Battery Case for the device, which puts the phone in a state of battery charge while choking ventilation. And if your phone did reach high temperatures, AND the OEM is issuing warnings to shut down the phone and hand it over for replacement, it probably isn’t the best idea to push your luck. Pressing that Switch Off button (Ampere) doesn’t sound like a terrible idea.


Precautions are good, and Samsung’s measures definitely invoke good will. Even though the mass recall seems more like a decision taken by a lawyer than a manager, it ultimately is in the best interests of the consumer and his health and safety. Samsung is also offering users who wish to stick with the Note 7 a loaner J series device, which will have to be returned once the replacement Note 7 is received. Considering the gravity of the situation, we urge all readers to turn in their Note 7 devices at the earliest.