Using Google Maps in a Third World Country

Using Google Maps in a Third World Country

Nothing is more annoying than when Google Maps gives you the wrong directions, lists incorrect business hours, or doesn’t have updated street view photos. Of course, these are┬ájust everyday problems For Rawad who lives in Lebanon. Rawad took us for a drive to show us what it’s like using Google Maps in a third world country.

You can often find yourself lost, as it sometimes takes years to update new roads. In Lebanon, some of the maps are showing data that is up to seven years old. The altitude data has a glitch wish causes it to constantly display inaccurate information. For one reason or another, Google does not allow you to download maps in Lebanon for offline use. These are just some of the problems you’ll encounter in less privileged countries.

What are some of the common problems you find in Google Maps, for your area?

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