1Gallery: A Beautiful Photo Gallery App That Supports Hidden Pictures

1Gallery: A Beautiful Photo Gallery App That Supports Hidden Pictures

After two years of releasing the Today Weather application, XDA member thotran7989 has now launched another very exciting app, 1Gallery

1Gallery aims to be the best alternative gallery app designed for managing your photos. The feature rich app allows you to secure your photos and videos via hidden folders and encryption features.

1Gallery was developed with three basic things in mind: 

  • Simple & Beautiful: Like Today Weather, design of 1Gallery is quite simple and focuses on being as user-friendly as possible. The app also has support for Dark/Light/Auto theme.
  • Smooth Performance: Apart from a beautiful user interface, 1Gallery offers a very smooth and consistent UI that doesn’t lag when you’re flipping through your photos and videos.
  • Security: There are many situation where you’ll want to keep certain photos and video hidden. Often times we will lend our phone to another person, or in worse situations, have our phones stolen. 1Gallery’s Secure Album feature will make sure that photos stored in this section will never be seen by unwelcome eyes. This section of the gallery is encrypted and will require a password to view any of its contents.




Some key features:

  • Hide photos and videos. The hidden files are all ENCRYPTED.
  • Password mode: Pin, Pattern, Fingerprint.
  • Organize your photos/videos.
  • View huge images and many different photos and videos types (RAW, etc).
  • Management: Search, create new folders, move/copy data and more (Memory card supported).
  • Photo editor: Crop, rotate, resize, filters & more.
  • View videos with subtitles.
  • View detailed information of your files (resolution, EXIF values etc).
  • Themes: Auto, Light, Dark.
Check out the XDA Thread!
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