The 2015 Amazon Fire TV 2 can now be rooted (again)

The 2015 Amazon Fire TV 2 can now be rooted (again)

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For years, Amazon has been known for being the undisputed biggest online retailer out there, but more recently they’ve started dedicating efforts into their ecosystem of services, which include a virtual assistant (Alexa), an app store of their own, and, of course, their own fleet of Android-based devices. Amazon has released their own lineup of tablets and phones running their own Android-based operating system, but this fleet of devices also include TV-oriented products like the Amazon Fire TV. Being based on Android, all of these devices are, of course, rootable as evidenced by devices such as the Fire HD 8 and the Fire 7—but not as easily as you may think.

Thanks to an exploit found in the 2015 Amazon Fire TV 2’s MediaTek processor, the device has been successfully rooted, and without any specific procedures. If you want to check it out, head over to our forums now, but be mindful that this method is highly experimental and still needs testing.

Check out the root method for the 2015 Amazon Fire TV 2 now!

Via: AFTVNews