2016 in Review: What was the Best Budget Smartphone of 2016?

2016 in Review: What was the Best Budget Smartphone of 2016?

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As we enter the final days of the year, it’s time to get your opinion on all the events, news, releases and controversies that we witnessed so far in 2016.

Our first discussion was regarding your opinion on the best flagship of the year, followed by your opinion on the best midrange smartphone. Now we will shift focus on to the other end of the spectrum: budget smartphones.

Budget smartphones have a lot riding on them, as even though they may not bring the most profit to the OEM, they do play a vital role in brand building. With limited resources at hand, budget smartphones have to deliver an adequate experience to customers on limited resources.

So, our question to you is,

What was the best budget smartphone in 2016? What was the major highlight of this budget device: was it the price, the build, the performance on the budget, or its overall usability? What was the obvious compromise on the device, which other OEMs did better? Why does this smartphone deserve to be called the best in the budget segment? What improvements should a successor to this phone bring?

Let us know in the comments below!