Alleged 2018 Huawei Roadmap Details the Company’s Product Schedule

Alleged 2018 Huawei Roadmap Details the Company’s Product Schedule

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Smartphones, wearables, and tablets are generally designed a year or two in advance for logistical reasons. Case in point: Huawei’s 2018 product roadmap, a leaked photo photo of which shows devices that aren’t shipping late next year.

The company’s leaked 2018 roadmap spells out the company’s quarter-by-quarter product plans, most of which are spread fairly far apart. Q1 2018’s pegged as the shipping time frame for the Mate 10 Pro and the Mate 10 Lite, and next two devices in the list — “Maya” and “Salina” — are scheduled to launch shortly after. Next up is the “Honor 1”, but it’s almost assuredly a placeholder name — the subsequent columns on the leaked roadmap show unnamed Honor devices designated by number.

That’s not all that’s coming out in Q1 2018. The roadmap suggests that Huawei’s planning to launch the A2 Band, a fitness band; a new Huawei Scale body scale; and the Huawei 360 Camera, a 360-degree camera accessory. There’s also mention of the Huawei B618, which is said to be a wireless router.

In Q2, the company has plans to release the P, P Plus and the P Lite (which will reportedly be a part of P20 series), an Honor smartphone, and the Huawei B525.

An unannounced Honor smartphone is the sole device planned for Q3 2018. But in the last quarter of 2018, things ramp up again with another Mate Pro device, a mystery “Mate Lite”, and a fourth Honor smartphone.

It’s all best taken with a grain of salt. If the image is accurate, thought, the first and fourth quarters of this year will be big for Huawei. The roadmap doesn’t indicate which months each device will ship, but rest assured we’ll be on the lookout for more information.

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