3D Capture on the UMIDIGI Z PRO

3D Capture on the UMIDIGI Z PRO

From previous news, we already know that the new UMIDIGI Z PRO will be shown at the next MWC in Barcelona, where UMIDIGI will have its own booth.

The phone inherits most of the specs of the predecessor, the UMi Z (currently offer $50 off, find deals here), and adds a dual Sony camera setup. This brings a lot of improvements and new interesting functions. In this post, we are going to take a look at the neat 3D Capture mode made possible but the Z PRO’s dual camera setup.

3D Capture mode

Using the two 13Mpx Sony IMX 258 sensors, if you choose Bokeh mode and take a picture, you can go to the gallery and see a “3D” button. This mode, which takes full advantage of the two sensors and the ISP of the Helio X27 – as shown in the video above – allows to enable the new 3D Capture mode. It’s able to combine the sensors and broaden the angle of view, creating a real 3D effect which allows to look at your picture from a different perspective.

After the first Helio P20 phone (UMi Plus E) and the first Helio X27 for overseas markets (UMi Z), UMIDIGI will have the first ever dual-lens MTK Smartphone with two sensors, being also the first to implement the 3D Capture. This feature is only available in real dual-lens cameras with latest chipsets.

UMIDIGI aims to bring the best tech to its users, offering them at a very competitive price.

Price, How and Where to Buy

As we said before, the phone will be shown for the first time at MWC and will be released on March 9th, with a price tag of $299,99. It is possible to subscribe to the UMIDIGI website to get an exclusive discount during the pre sale phase. Check out the website for more details.

Also the UMi Z is already in stock at the discounted price of $229.99 on the following shops:

Thanks to UMIDIGI for sponsoring this post.

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